What's the difference between a ghost, demon, and poltergeist?





Now I started researching on that.
I know they’re all supernatural and non existent but just wondered how they’re supposed to differ.


  1. Can someone explain to me,with correct spelling,what exactly is a poltergeist,I am just such a curious person,and,I am mature so don’t treat me like a you know what,Im not necessarily obsessed with the supernatural,I’m probably more scared,I am just SUCH a curious person,also any comments on the Midnight Game?

  2. Poltergeists are extremely, extremely evil type of demon that can kill a person, can possess anyone. The important thing about this demon is that unlike other demons it can never be summoned.

  3. ghost- a dead person or animal that is stuck in our world, either because the soul is lost, or it is stuck here due to unfinished bussiness.
    spirit- a dead person that can come and go as they want.
    demon- an evil spirit that was never a living person or thing. they are only here to cause trouble.
    poltergeist- now poltergeists can be a telekinetic ghost, or can be caused by the stressed hormones of a teenager. usually a teenage girl. poltergeists can NOT be seen.
    i don’t see why you guys don’t believe in ghosts and stuff. i’ve lived with a demon for 8 years. and 2 years before that, i lived wih 2 friendly ghosts. anyway, i hope this information helps.


      • STOP CRAMMING YOUR BIBLE DOWN EVERYONES THROAT. Do you go on the internet and hunt this stuff down to teach us a “lesson”? i speak for all of us here. Oh and of coarse how do you know god REAAALLY wrote the bible and not a demon pretending to be god? how do you know those stories are real?

  4. Ghost- funny how they are still fully clothed and can carry objects with them like a ghostly gun, on a ghostly ladder ect.
    i belive that it is a captured electrical image of a deciced person that somehow had a death that was recorded and replays itself, sometimes a living person has a powerful ora and can cause a poltergist or haunt themselves with there own electerical charge they replay there own energy as dose a long gone sprit its ghost appears in an electricaly charged form.
    a sprit is what moves on from a dead person wheather it moves on to a new born we dont know but its a lingering sprit harmless and pure.
    Demon- Well do we really understand these powerful creachers they are not human nor sprit,ghost or poltergist they are sometimes volitile but can be depending on religin usfull if welcomed with great respect they can stablelise weather protect you and give you many gifts like prosperity, fertility and many other things they dont take well to comands if you know your demond understand who they are and never challange them,

  5. A ghost is nowhere near the same as a demon or poltergeist. A Ghost is simply a spirit that doesn’t usually make itself known. Unlike a ghost, a demon usually wants something and threatens those in its presence.

  6. Ghost: a spirit, of human or animal origin. Some are residual (like a recording in a certain place), while others can cognitively interact with the present world.
    Demon: a spirit that can (sometimes) create a physical manifestation of itself, though intent ranges from mild annoyance to extreme malevolence and threats to one’s safety, mentally and physically.
    Poltergeist: literally translated from German, a noisy spirit. They are largely thought to be the manifestations of strong emotion in an area, especially if there is a teen/young adult present in the house/immediate area. Usually creates problems for the family/people involved.
    Supernatural implies it’s not normal and non-existent, not real. There are many accounts of all three. There are other types of spirits that are not human or animal in origin, usually considered nature spirits, which each have their own unique attributes.

  7. ghosts are the most common in hauntings. they are the soul of a deceased person. ghosts can be intelligent or residual. intelligent means that they interact with people, residual is like an event playing over and over through time, like a broken record. residual ghosts do not know that people are there and are pretty much even unaware of their own existence.
    poltergeists are basically mischievious ghosts, they can turn lights on and off, open and shut doors, move objects, and i have even heard stories of them doing things like hiding peoples car keys.
    demons are bad. they are spirits of evil and cause trouble. i am a christian and believe that demons are the minions of the devil. demons are destructive and it will actually harm humans

  8. For the record, I don’t believe in any of these, but I know what they are.
    Ghost – spirit of a once-living person that simply wanders around, but does not cause any damage.
    Demon – Sort of a ghost, but it never was a human in the first place and possesses people. In Biblical terms, works for the devil.
    Poltergeist – Pretty much the same thing as a ghost except they cause damage. Usually stuff like trowing things around.
    Hope this helps!

  9. A ghost – the soul of a deceased person. Sometimes able to move objects and make sounds like a poltergeist, but not a poltergeist.
    Poltergeist – paranormal activity involving loud sounds and the disturbing of objects (as in, objects moving across the room, bottle caps popping off, etc.) While some people think poltergeists are ghosts, they are generally considered by paranormal researchers to be paranormal activity caused by someone in the home. Usually, a teenager or young adult who is stressed is subconsciously causing the activity is the current theory.
    Demon – supernatural being of evil. The demon was never a person and didn’t die, it’s a being on a different plane than ours. Depending on what religion you’re looking at, demons can do any number of things, including stuff similar to poltergeist activity, possession, eating of souls, etc.

    • can a demon be in a form of a large dog with scery teeth cause i have had experances with one and when i saw it that night my best friend had the biggiset head ace i watched her get tuched with its nail she left with her mom i got scrated hortisontily across my back then again 9mounths later and then one four months ago i have three iv only seen it that night and i hear stuff and still have creapy dreams one night i found my self outside when i woke up one night too and then talking to nothing in my back room i live in the basement of my house and fill un save nothing has happend reasently and iv never hurt my back so the scratches are unknown my friend found the first one thats the longest then the scont one is the secent longest witch i found and the little one we both found when i cheack my back their not scratches their scares they were never scratches of what i know of they are scares yes i do beleive in stuff like this always have all i want is awnsers. im now sixteen years old and yes spell like crap lol sorry if you dont undersrand.

  10. A ghost is any spirit of a dead person. A demon is an evil creature, generally from hell. A poltergeist is a malevolent ghost.

  11. ghosts are neither good nor bad, usually represents a person who has died
    demons are tricksters, not necessarily bad but def. annoying
    in the bible, demons sometimes worked for god
    poltergeist are destructive and usually bad

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