HomeDiscussion ForumWhat's the definition of a "subliminal message"?

What's the definition of a "subliminal message"?

What are some examples?


  1. Like in a TV show or movie, often a character is drinking a specific soda with the label facing the camera. This is a subliminal message used to advertise, because the charcters are not outrightly talking about the soda.

  2. don’t worry….
    You’re on your way to being another senseless working zombie in society. If you don’t know what subliminal messages are at this point, then you’re better of not knowing.

  3. A subliminal message is a powerful suggestion that you are not aware of, like it’s under your radar, planted to make you do something.
    Like the other poster wrote, it could be the soda planted in the hero’s hand, designed so the next time you’re thirsty you will select that brand, without really knowing why.
    It was said that a glass of expensive alcohol in an ad was not a photograph but a painting that included sexual images people were unaware of but were picked up unconsciously so the joy of sex would be associated with this drink.
    In any case it is a suggestion for you to take a course of action without actually knowing why you are doing it.
    A perfect example is The Manchurian Candidate.

  4. Limin = your threshhold of perceiving a certain type of stimulus. If the limin for perceiving a visual stimulus requires that a picture be on the screen for 2 seconds, then if it’s only up for 1 second (hypothetically) it is sub-liminal, meaning that you saw it, but that since it wasnt up for long enough for you to be conciously aware you saw it, people think it might be able to affect your behavior in some way.
    Studies show that this does NOT work in advertising, as many people think it does.

  5. Subliminal messages involve sending a messages directly to the subconscious part of your mind, bypassing that of the conscious mind. this enables you to control your mind and body, allowing you to feel more confident about yourself. Also, they can be applied to many areas such as in health and fitness and relationships etc. For more information, visit http://www.chargedaudio.com

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