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What's the deal with Rock Lee and not being able to use ninjutsu/mold chakra?

As far as I gathered, Rock Lee is incapable of using ninjutsu because he can’t mold his chakra. I just left it at that for a long time, but then I started thinking.
– You know the way ninja travel? Jumping through trees, running so fast that they become blurs, etc.? In fanfiction, that’s explained as being a minor use of chakra . . . there’s no explanation for it in the manga or anime, but it’s not something normal people can do. Rock Lee seems to have no problem keeping up when traveling – how is he doing that?
– And a continuation about the jumping through trees thing. Wouldn’t he be awfully prone to falling out of them, unless he was able to mold the chakra in his feet to stick to the branches like Kakashi taught Team 7 early on? Or would you just explain that away as his training so much that he won’t fall anymore?
– Finally, I think this is an anime slip-up – but this is what set me wondering. In the whole arc about the Sanbi, I’m pretty sure Lee ends up standing on the water at some point during the fighting. Walking on water was one of the advanced chakra molding exercises, so his being able to stand on water would indicate that he doesn’t have a problem with it. Is this just a retcon thing in the anime?


  1. there is a possible anime mess up. Personally, Lee’s already freakin fast and remember how Gai-sensei taught him to open gates…? I think that involved a little chakra. So maybe he can barely do it. But to me, Lee’s so awesome(: with only taijutsu and so passionate! haha

  2. i think that that was just a slip up in the anime because i did not notice anything like that in the manga.
    how he cant use chakra is kind just like how certain people cant do certain things but others can. i think that the reason he cant use ninja techniques is because his chakra is set at a certain level and cant be fluctuated. so he can use it to an extent like keeping his balance and running really fast and stuff but cant fluctuate it so he cant use anything other than taijutsu.

  3. I’m not exactly sure but i think it’s because he has no talent in the field. No talent as in he can’t do it no matter how hard he tries. He can do it, but needs some sort of miracle. He can use chakra…but not for Ninjutsu because he has no talent in Gen/Nin jutsu.
    I think that’s the case but…it’s only a small theory.
    It probably is a slip up lol.

  4. Actually Lee is shown to be only capable of using the Water Walking Exercise and Tree Walking Exercise in the manga.
    It’s not that he can’t use ninjutsu its just that he has absolutely no talent when it comes to ninjutsu or genjutsu. Gai explained that no matter how hard he tried Lee was only capable of molding chakra to use Water Walking Exercise and Tree Walking Exercise, nothing more, and even then I think that took months for him to get down.


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