Home Discussion Forum What's the creepiest subliminal message you've seen/heard?

What's the creepiest subliminal message you've seen/heard?

For me it’s that Led Zepplin song ‘Stairway to heaven’
When it’s played backwards it says:
“Oh here’s to my sweet satan, the one whos little path would make me sad, whos power is 666, there was a little toolshed where he made us suffer, sad satan.”


  1. next week it’s going to be Derren Brown showing his video on Channel 4 that renders viewers incapable of standing up. Waiting in anticipation

  2. Shut up and stop being a sore loser, Obama won and get over it. Health care needs reform because the companies don’t give a fuck

  3. there was some song that I slowed down on an old cassette tape and there was this even slower goulish sound that said “i have come for betty … where is betty?” clear as a bell.

  4. Definitely Stairway to Heaven! Bloody hell, that freaked me out! I was really paranoid for ages afterwards, I kept thinking someone was watching me. *shudders* I haven’t listened to it for months, backwards or forwards…..

  5. Jayz song “my president is black” ,i hate rap music!
    “My president is black in fact, he’s half-white so even in a racist mind, he’s half-right so if you got a racist mind, you be alright* my president is black, but his house is all white I don’t want no more Bush no more war, no more Iraq no more white lies, the president is black!”


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