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What's the big deal with the Mayan calendar? Didn't they practice human sacrifice?

2012? Shifts in human consciousness? You don’t have to wait until 2012 to gain wisdom. There’s people right now that already know that we are all one. People knew this truth before the Mayans, before any civilization. Why do we idealize ancient cultures? Our grandmothers are/were probably a lot more “spiritual” than the latest new age/self help charlatan.
Please, no Bible quotes when answering this question. I’m level 2 now and can minimize you!


  1. there are just some people out there that think since the Mayan calendar predicted a few things (coincidentally), they think the world will end when it ends. dude that was a long time ago. our calendar ends at 365 days, theirs ends on 1012 no biggie.

  2. Supposedly the December 2012 date is when the mayan calendar predicts is the end of the world via destruction. the iChing calendar supposedly also stops this same year.
    According to some studies I’ve read, there is a black hole that we will be coming near around that same time.. I’ll see if I can locate the article regarding that again. Apparently it is supposed to have some adverse effects on the planet during that time.
    Here is one of the many sites set up specificly for this:
    But I think I’d take it all with a grain of salt

  3. yes, they did practice human sacrifice, but that has no bearing on the question.
    the mayan calendar is a big deal for several reasons:
    1 – it’s the most accurate ever. i could be wrong, but i believe i heard that it was even more accurate than our own.
    2 – 2012 is where it ends. this, along with some profecies, has led some people to expect, not wisdom but the end of the world.
    i don’t know much in the way of detail, but as i understand it, it has something to do with the planets being aligned with the center of our galaxy, which may or may not be like crossing the equator and may or may not cause the poles to shift. if the poles were to shift, it would in fact, be the end of the world as we know it.
    we know that the poles have shifted before and we know that whatever else the mayans did or did not know they knew their astronomy very well.

  4. this doctor of science was telling every one that The World End On Sept. 10, 2008 and Not 2012? in his name is Dr. Lyn Evans of Aberdare in this is all ready august 1,2008 :)las08

  5. A lot of New-Agers latched onto to the shift of human consciousness idea of the 2012 prediction. My dog is probably more spiritual then a charlatan but my grandmothers weren’t so much so. As for the comment about human sacrifice, many religions practiced it at some point including christianity.

  6. This 2012 thing based on the Meso-American Long Count Calendar is becoming tedious. Now I’m just copying-n-pasting my own answers to similar questions:
    People who base their End Times predictions on the Meso-American Long Count Calendar do so because they are ignorant. This calendar comes to an end in December of 2012 because that is as far along as the people got in their calendar-making before they had to head for the hills. They were chipping away at stone, not computer generating their calendars. When enemies, plague or some other natural disaster over took them these people abandoned their work and fled. Remember, these people failed to predict their own end way before 2012. Why would anyone believe that they succeeded in predicting our end when they failed to predict their own end, something way more important than anything that could occur in the 21st. Century???
    Other recent End Times predictions that failed:
    In 1988: 88 reasons why the Rapture may/will be in 1988; July of 1999: The Great King of Terror will come from the sky… (Nostradamus). Y2K another non-event. Just last September: 09/10/2008 the Large Hadron Collider will open up a Black Hole that will swallow up the Universe…
    Doomsayers just love to start scare-tales but have yet to get it right. Yawn!

  7. The Mayan calendar suggests the end of the world “as we know it”. Hooray! I welcome the shift in human consciousness, cause the present one is not working. As for human sacrifice, what do you think the Crucifixion was?

  8. 1. The Mayan calander has been proven(by science) to be a more exact calander than our present one.
    2. This calander claims the world “as we know it” will come to an end.
    That leaves so much room for interpretation.
    3. Human sacrifice is practiced in many different ways. Does the war in Iraq ring a bell?


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