whats the best way to learn Kundalini meditation/yoga?





and where would someone go to learn it?


  1. Dear
    The safest ,simplest and very effective kundalini yoga is available now.It is SAHAJA YOGA.It has World wide centres wherein meditation is taught absolutely freeof cost.For Further details please visit http://www.sahajayoga.org
    Learn the real yoga and enjoy ur life.

  2. I recommend a basic yoga class first. This way you know how to move, how far to push yourself, and how to not injure yourself. You can find these anywhere, anytime. Colleges have them, independent studios have them, there may even be a local yoga group that meets privately you can get involved with. Though I haven’t begun Kundalini practice, I have heard from several sources that it can be dangerous if you push yourself, but any activity can be dangerous if not done properly, The best advice I’ve heard on Kundalini meditation is to take it slow. When you are awakening the consecutive chakras (from the base of the spine up), you meditate on the symbolic meaning of each chakra and how it relates to your life/how you can make that aspect present in your life. Through your meditation, if you notice something in your life is unfulfilled, make repairs before continuing meditation. If you can’t find a yoga group, I highly recommend YOGAmazing’s podcast. It’s free and the instructor does a wide variety of exercises focusing on different parts of the body or for different purposes: http://www.youtube.com/user/yogamazing
    That’s the youtube link, you can also download his videos free on itunes. He’ll also take requests if you need a particular yoga flow. Also, sessions longer than 10 minutes are only on itunes.
    The risk that many people attribute to Kundalini practice is mental, but few rarely explain exactly what is dangerous about this mental affliction (called Kundalini syndrome). It occurs predominantly in people from Western civilization with certain spiritual views. When it comes to Eastern spiritual philosophy, the ultimate deity is never a deity/corporeal being. You may have Buddhas, gods, Kami, etc… representing aspects of the universe, but they are all part of one divine and infinite whole. The easiest description is “The Universal Principle”, kind of an all is one perspective. This contrasts with traditional finite Western spiritual views that imply deities as actual beings who manipulate the universe. In the West, you have a god and the goal is to please him/her/it, in the East you are god and you are trying to unite yourself with the universe. This typically focuses on rejection of the material world and the individual self. For people buried in Western views, this kind of thinking can lead to depression, suicidal tendencies, anxiety, depersonalization, increase in heart rate, and general fear because it is out of step with Western cultures that value capital and individuality.
    I would also recommend reading the work of James Lovelock whose Gaia Hypothesis provides a Western introduction. And even if it seems atheistic, check out pantheism or panentheism. These philosophies are highly present in Eastern spirituality, and to an extent have presence in Western philosophy….Abrahamic religions just kind of suppressed it for a couple millennia because the politicians couldn’t control people who thought they were just as important as them.

    I could not understood what do you mean by the best way.?
    because learning yoga is not food market to make choices.
    Its much like learning KUNG FU.
    Because a medical practice is best under senior doctor not by learning books.
    But you can pray god (shiv) as guru & guidance provider if you are nor getting a good guru then start on yourself.
    You can remain christian or whatever.

  4. Of the three you mentioned, only mediation is safe for all ages and life styles. Though it is good to learn directly from a teacher, mediation could be learnt on your own easily.
    You can purchase some voice only CD/DVD, play and practice according to that. It is good to do this in mornings between 4am to 6am, but this time is not mandatory. You can start with 10minutes in the first few days and increase the duration slowly week by week.
    Reading books on Meditation by Swami Vivekananda will be helpful. It is good to meditate. You have good intentions. Please carry it forward. Best wishes!

  5. Meditation is something that you can learn by yourself without a retreat. There are plenty of websites with information concerning meditation, but please search for the correct information.
    Kundalini Yoga I recommend being in a class first then go off on your own and do it. Classes can be a distraction.

  6. Been there done that and can tell you from years of experience in this area to stay far away from this form of meditation. Meditate on these things:
    Philippians 4:8
    8 Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.
    Remember what you allow yourself to think, see, hear, say and do literally set into motion God?s
    creative powers that form the matrix of life?s reality you find yourself now walking, whether good
    or bad, so be circumspect, putting your mind, eyes, ears and tongue on what is good, positive and constructive.
    TGM Moderator

  7. Go to a meditation retreat if you have the time, if not search on google there should be many centers with free informations and weakly lessons. You can also read books, watch youtube videos.

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