Home Discussion Forum Whats the best use of human consciousness?

Whats the best use of human consciousness?

Why do we have consciousness? given the ability to reason is it our destiny to be malevolent or benevolent?


  1. Well from what I can gather, the only productive use of human consciousness is evaluative/adaptive problem solving. You don’t need to be sentient to perform manual labor, or even learn basic discriminations. Thinking of a recent anime, it would be quite stupid to make a creature sentient just to have it store memories.
    Malevolent or benevolent to whom? Each other? That has nothing to do with our individual states of consciousness. To the world? Well, we have a handful of species we have helped to propagate – the animals that help us (horses, dogs, cats, …), those that we eat (cows, corn, …), bacteria inside of our bodies, and other species that take advantage of us. But most people wouldn’t call any of this benevolence, and some would call all of it malevolence. Sometimes I think, just be.

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