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what's the best type of yoga to improve your flexibility for running in track and field?

I’m a 400m runner for my track team and one thing my coach says I need to work on is my flexibility…regular stretching doesn’t seem to work well enough, so what type of yoga should I look for to improve?


  1. just yoga in general i think. i’m in yoga and you cant do jus one pose and be done you have to do several. each pose works a different part of your body and alot have to do wit the legs so do all of it

  2. This is where I get all my yoga stuff, including books and dvds, which helped me get started.
    They’ve got stuff for sale, sure, but they also have videos and articles, and all sorts of stuff that helped me dive into yoga!
    hope this helps (:

  3. Hatha yoga is nice for you.. but yoga in general is awesome for your flexibility.. not only your flexibility, but also your focus, concentration and inner strength, which is very crucial for you as a runner I guess!
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