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What's the best time to astral project?

I don’t necessarilly want to meet other beings, just explore the ability to astral project.


  1. One good time to AP is waking naturally while dreaming, and being able to return to sleep, to continue the dream with a modification of your own choosing. This is lucidity, a level of soulfield coherence beyond dreaming. http://www.lucidity.com http://www.dreamviews.com Lucidity develops into astral awareness, or the ability to make choices within one’s dreamscape which gradually permit one’s awareness of elective movement. “Watch Your Dreams,” Colton, “Soul Traveler,” Albert Taylor, “The Masters and Their Retreats,” Mark Prophet, give three stages of this.
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  2. I guess in the evening or night time because the mood is more appropriate for leaving your body and exploring where you want to go. You seem like a really interesting person, asking this question. Maybe we’ll meet up someday on the astral plane. 😉

  3. The sleepy hours is best, because your more naturally sleepy, and would be easier if you meditate because your at that state of relaxation. Astral projection starts when your heart rate and breathing slows down.

  4. Well, astral projection isn’t a phenomenon with any basis in reality. The closest you can come is dreaming, so the best time for that is when you’re asleep. Lucid dreaming is especially interesting, allowing you to guide your own dream, but you won’t actually be able to remotely view real locations, or anything of the sort.

  5. When you are asleep. You see what some people mistakenly believe is “Astral Projecting” is in fact only a dream. Think of it this way, if it were indeed possible to do this, government agencies all around the world would us it for intelligence gathering. Criminals would also use it to mastermind outlandish plots.
    The ramifications of such things would be incomprehensible.
    So, no, you cannot do this, nor can anyone else. You know that silly little saying “nothing is impossible”. Well, that is not entirely true. Some things, as much as many people wish to believe, just are that – impossible.
    Now, even if you believe that I am wrong on this, does not make it any more real that you will be able to this. Unfortunately way too many people in the world believe things that just are not so. This is why you end up with things such as a so called global financial crisis. People follow the pack. It is also why there poverty – people believe rhetoric – astral projection is rhetoric.


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