What's the best on parapsychology, physics or energy psychology you have ever read?

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What’s the best BOOK on parapsychology, physics or energy psychology you have ever read?

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“Studies of the Human Aura,” Kuthumi, and “Man’s Psychic Life: Elements and Structures,” O. M. Aivanhov, for energy psychology.
“God Is not Dead,” Amit Goswami, Ph.D., and “The Mindful Universe,” Henry P. Stapp, Ph.D., for physics.
“Psychoenergetic Science,” William A. Tiller, Ph.D. http://www.tiller.org and “Extraordinary Knowing,” Dr. Elizabeth Mayer, for parapsychology.
Reviews at http://www.amazon.com


That’s a tough one. I’ve read a few. But the latest one I’ve read is a good one, so I’ll suggest that. It’s called “Physics of the Impossible”, by Prof. Michio Kaku. You’ve probably seen him on TV on the science channels if you enjoy watching documentaries on astronomy and physics. In it he delves into a number of different topics, including ESP, parapsychology, all types of energy that physicists have identified, and more. The ISBN-10 number for this book is 0385520697.


For parapsychology I found ” An Introduction to Parapsychology” by Harvey Irwin well written and the information presented with a balanced perspective.
For physics I liked “The Elegant Universe” by Brian Greene


Most recently in:
parapsychology: “Mind- Reach” by R. Targ & H. Puthoff
physics: “Antimatter” by Frank Close
cosmology: “Teleportation: The Impossible Leap” by D. Darling
energy psychology: “Reality Boxes” by Ingo Swann & also,
………………………… “Quantum Touch” by Richard Gordan


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