HomeDiscussion Forumwhat's the best feng shui position for a student this year?

what's the best feng shui position for a student this year?

I am a chinese student born in 1987. I want to knwo which is the best direction for feng shui so as to improve my study (not sure of the expression) this year, although I’m not sure of the effectiveness. However, it’s better to have it than never ^^


  1. every person has their own number – and that number would control which position is best for you – your are in the west house number 7
    your best direction for study is north west –
    here is a link – it has all your basics already seperated –
    i dont know about study but i used it for my bedroom and i feel like i slept better and became more relaxed – you have to be open to it – and you should look at the chart and try to do your whole room ( if you dont have a seperate place for studies ) in this –

  2. For the year of the Fire Pig and following Flying Stars Feng Shui, the western sector would be ideal for students or those focusing on scholarly pursuits.
    Additionally, you can also face an auspicious direction (the development direction). To find out your auspicious directions to face, you have to find out your kua number at:
    Hope this info helps and best of luck!

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