• I’d say green Aventurine, Amethyst or an all round clear Quartz. You’d have to test different ones in order to find what works for you.

  • You need a crystal that will cleanse and calm your mind,get rid of any negative emotions.
    Milky quartz releases difficult emotions and calms an overactive mind.
    Apophyllite gently cleanses the mind and body it also gets rid of any feelings of insecurity or hard to handle emotions.
    Amethyst calms the mind
    Carnelian releases stress and is a general healing stone
    Rose quartz releases emotional stress

  • Serpis crystals. But they are artificial, contain several stable transuranes which cannot be manufactured on Earth and would be hella expensive to make even if it were possible.

  • It depends on the particular problems but I can recommend a few.

    Rose Quartz: its a gentle healer and represents unconditional love – something everyone needs.

    Clear Quartz: multi-purpose healer

    Kyanite: helps to balance energy and the chakras

    Amethyst: deals with the third eye, intuition etc.

    Flourite: helps for general healing of the body

    The only one I would recommend keeping away from is malachite because it magnifies a situation, which could make things worse. Also the stones need to be highly polished, as the dust from malachite is poisonous.

    I hope that helps. 🙂

  • There are so many and often it depends on which one works for you personally.

    Try Kunzite for relaxation or a green or pink crystal like Rose Quartz or aventurine.

    You can pick up crystal books quite cheap or contact me if you want more information. I deal in crystals and crystal related products and can get anything for you.

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