• Meditation is simply learning to live in the moment, when nothing distracts you and when you are not tied to the past or anxious about the future. In meditation you become peacefully aware of your real self. The more you use it, the more aware you become. When you learn to live life for each moment, to enjoy and appreciate life to the fullest at that moment, you suddenly become impervious to the myriad of doubts and fears that you’ve lived with all your life.

    There are a couple of simple techniques for silent meditation as well. You do not have to sit on the floor. You can sit with erect back on a chair. Many people say try for 15 minutes twice a day. I say start with a simpler goal – 5 minutes twice per day. The benefits include stress management and relaxation which help the body, increased mindfulness and focus, and increased energy. The mindfulness can be a benefit to your spiritual life, but meditation also has “non-spiritual” physiological benefits. Here are two easy techniques:

    Breathing meditation – 1) Check posture. 2) Close your eyes and relax. 3) Focus on your breath entering and leaving your body. 4) Count breaths mentally one to four. Repeat. 5) Don’t fight a wandering mind, but calmly direct it back to task. 6) Sit for a minute afterwards.

    “Mantra” technique (choose a personal “calm” word or phrase that you will repeat in your meditation — I use the nonsectarian “Be One. Be Love. Be Peace.”) – 1) and 2) as above in the Breathing meditation. 3) Listen to your breathing and let it relax you with each breath. 4) Once you are relaxed, mentally “hear” your “calm” word or phrase in your mind. Let it repeat in your mind. 5) Don’t fight a wandering mind, but calmly direct it back to task. 6) Sit for a minute afterwards.

  • I would reccomend a book called the celestine Prophecy, not a true mediatation book but a wonderful story and alot of information on centering yourself from within and in the veil of nature

  • “TM” by Bloomfield. It descirbes the methods of Transcendental Meditation without you having to pay the fee.

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