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Whats the benefit of using tai chi to fight someone if its all done in slow motion?


  1. hahahah tai chi isnt to fight someone!! its for relaxation and to control the body. if you want to fight someone, take up karate or martial arts or tai kwon do or something

  2. You practice in slow motion to develop muscle memory. When you fight someone you would do the same moves only faster. But if you are looking to train in martial arts and you want to fight, choose something other than tai chi (i.e. karate, taekwondo, judo, etc.).

  3. while thai chi alone isnt going to help you learn to fight, it can actually be very benefictial. you are doing it slowly so you can think about every single small movement you are doing. it can help you really focus on doing things you have learned from other arts properly.

  4. Taijiquan is only practiced slow. When its used its lightning fast. Its just dufficult to find an instructor that knows what theyre doing.

  5. LOL. The running joke, even among Taiji fighters (yes, we do exist) is that we learn to kick your @ss in slow motion! But the truth is that when trained properly, a taiji fighter is a formidable enemy. The slow training that most people associate with Taijiquan is only a training methodology. In fact (as far as Chen Style Taijiquan goes) slow training only comprises a small fraction of the exercises. Everything else is practiced in moderate to fast speed. The slow forms are an important aspect along side stationary standing meditation (for postural corrections and energetic training), but should be combined with dynamic movement and forms.
    This type of sentiment only showcases the general public’s ignorance of Taijiquan. This is not their fault, however it is the fault of so many unqualified instructors who teach that taiji is only for health and wellness. In truth Taijiquan is an incredible and powerful martial art that has as a side benefit equally incredible health benefits.

  6. Probably because the slow motion forms you see in the park isn’t the real Tai Chi martial art forms, it’s the modified exercise forms geared more towards health and fitness for the old folks. The real Tai Chi styles like the Chen, Yang, Wu and Sun forms are longer, contains more applicable defense and offense techniques and can be performed in quick motion. Unfortunately, since it takes very long, on the average about 10 to 13 years to master the art basics(I’m talking just the basics), we don’t get to see that many demos by real Tai Chi masters compared to the demos done by the exercise only Tai Chi practitioners.

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