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What's that humming sound you hear during Astral Projection?

Has anyone else experienced a strange high pitched buzzing/ roaring sound during meditation or Astral projection? If so, do you know what causes it?
Thanks in advance!
* I know I’ve asked this question before, I just wanted to see if I could get some more answers.
Also, to those who do not believe in this ability, I’d appreciate if you’d not answer my question.
Thanks for your time! 😉


  1. It isn’t a matter of believing in it or not.
    It doesn’t exist.
    And if you really believe that it does, you need to seek medical help immediately.
    I’m serious. Meditation is fine, but Astral Projection? Come now.

    • Haha, seek medical help? Okay buddy.
      You say it doesn’t exist? How can you possibly KNOW that for sure?
      I’ve had a handful of experiences of lucid dreams, remote viewing and possible OBEs and countless experiences of pre OBE vibrations to simply dismiss astral projection as a possibility.
      Just because you haven’t experienced it doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible. Always be open to possibility.

  2. The blood moving through your arteries. Seriously – you are so relaxed and focused that you hear your own blood move.

  3. Isnt astral projection when u stick your astral up in the air and isnt astral protection when u rub sun screen on it while its sticking it up in the air?

  4. i’ve had a few OOBE’s, but i don’t recall any such sound. may be some kind of vibrational wave interference, a slight difference in 2 frequencies that results in an audial pulse.

  5. It is your ears either ringing or your blood flowing through your ears. You can hear similar noises sometimes when you are lying in bed near to sleep.

  6. Each plane has a different sound. I don’t remember what they all are, there’s bells, the sound of the ocean, singing, bees buzzing, etc. Eckankar has a listing of the various sounds and colors on each plane.
    Mguel- shared dreams are rare, my wife and I are very close spiritually/vibrationally and we’ve only had a few.

  7. Even though astral projection is more of a process of psychic energy transfer than an actual physical state, it still affects the physical body during projections. One can never escape the mind-body connection. For every change in psychic energy there is a corresponding change in body reaction.
    The basic cause of your experience of a roaring sound is a change of blood flow. I have no idea the exact reason for the blood flow change, but that change affects all of the head and ultimately the ears. So, it’s the change in blood flow around the head and ears during a projection that causes the experience of either a rushing sound, or even a sudden sensation of not being able to hear much of anything. Very weird.

  8. Why do you resist answers that might oppose your thinking?
    I spent from my early teen years, until my mid adulthood convinced I was having astral projection experiences. One early incident was so compelling it changed nearly my life. I read the famous book on the subject by Robert Monroe and even spoke with him once. I heard, and still DO hear the humming sound. No one could tell me it wasn’t happening.
    But the more I read, the more I learned, the more I came to know the truth, what we see as Astral Projection is a symptom of Hypnagogia.
    In the state between wakefulness and sleep, dream-like states intermingle with sleep and deliver sensations like nothing we perceive at other times. This is when lucid dreams (also associated with Astral Projection) and sleep paralysis occur. I’ve heard an explanation for the hum before– I believe it is a fast vibration of one of the muscles in the inner ear that happens during sleep paralysis. It should also be noted that some people attempt to interpret images in this state with cultural references– incubuses, alien abduction, ghosts, extra. The more you read, the more you’ll see all these things tie into Hypnagogia.
    Still, there’s plenty we don’t know. I don’t dismiss the possibility of out of body experiences. I’m simply saying it’s FAR more likely that these experiences are due to a transitional sleep state.

  9. I’ve practiced deep meditation before, and I think the vibrations we experience are a sort of “white noise” produced by the brain when all external stimuli are cut off. It’s much like the high-pitched tinnitus you hear if you completely cover your ears and concentrate. The neurons themselves will produce signals even if there is no external sensory input.

  10. Yes. I have. I couldn’t say for sure, what you’re hearing, is such as that which I’ve heard, but if it is, you should seek an enlightened Guru to initiate you: I presume that you are a yogin, and are practicing yoga; if not, you should explore this wonderful, ancient science.
    The kind of sound that I’m referring to, in yoga, is termed “anahata nada”(or nadam): these are Sanskrit words(am unable to type in their diacritical markings) = “sound without instrument”.
    The sound is coming from the mind; has nothing to do with ones physical hearing apparatus.
    One of my two former Gurus, was a Hindu(a Brahman)by the name of Dr. Rammurti S. Mishra, M.D.: held multiple medical degrees(nero-surgeon, endocrinologist, psychiatrist – he collected degrees)and a Sanskrit scholar.
    He authored three books on the subject of meta-physics. The first, “Fundamentals of Yoga” was on a best seller list for years, back in the 50-60’s or there abouts. He died in 1993, but I think there is still an article about him on the Internet: just type in his name as above.
    If you can check out “Fundamentals of Yoga” from the library, or possibly order it from Amazon.com, chapter #-28 entitled “Anahata Nadam-OM-Sphotam” is most informative about “transcendental” sound.
    Good luck,
    P.S.-“Check Spelling” was unavailable when I wrote this; and I’m too tired to consult the dictionary. So, apologize for any misspellings.

  11. well i asked jason my spirt guide and he told me when your concentrating hard enogh when u astral project you can here your spirt guide talking ot you, since im now able to call myself psyhic, which i have had these lets say ablities for going on 4 years now, i have been able to hear jason (my spirt guide) so i dont hear a high pitch noise i used ot b4 i got good enough to actually here him.

  12. I found your page by asking the same question on Google. I have observed this phenomenon for years and have yet to figure it out. I have learned to use it from time to time as a focal point.
    I know that it is a sound not perceived my the ears. It is deeper. In fact I have created myown sound deprivation environment to block all exterior sound that allows me to observe it more closely. It registers deeper and expands when used as a focal point.
    After focused meditation on it many times, I know that it is more than one tone. It is many and they are in octaves.
    For now I consider it just part of source and call it the song of the universe. If you find more info on it, I would sure like to hear it.

    • It some spiritual traditions it is called the sound current. It is an inner vibration, not a physical sound, but somehow your nervous system perceives it. I noticed it when I began meditating deeply and now the sound is always perceivable. I don’t know about astral projection.

  13. i have experienced it also. i suggest you google search “sound of an mri”.
    lots of interesting things could be the cause, apparently its in the high end radio wave part of the spectrum, so you are picking up on those spectrums.
    apparently some ‘aliens’ are supposed to use this type of communication band to transmit through higher dimensions.
    dunno, check the sound and see if it is the same. there is also stuff talking about DMT.

  14. That “humming” sound might sound different to everyone and I believe it might be because one is so intune with their own energy. Some might see it or feel it or even hear it as well. It’s all about energy frequencies; some people tune into lower frequencies and some to higher frequencies. Maybe it’s all manipluted by the mind or maybe emotions, who knows? But definitely has to be the energy around you that you hear. I sometimes experience this before lucid dreaming, while I astral project, and when I meditate into a deep state while on shrooms. It can be overwhelming sometimes and when I cannot deal with the buzzing so I think of light and it immediately starts to feel much more soothing and relaxing


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