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Whats Nostradamus most significant predictions to you?

for me it is world ending 2012 the one about flying pigs on eagles which is fighter pilots in masks and total world destruction in 3069. Do you know any other major ones to look out for oh yh and World War III. By the way can you give me a nice and simple sight were i can read Nostradamus predictions in order yr by yr and what scholars think they mean if you know any simple site for this.


  1. Basically, looking at Nostradamus’ prophecies and the bible- there are going to be many antichrists and the wars will probably circulate around the middle east which is going on around now. Look at Ahmadinejad talking about wiping Israel off the map.
    But anyways, the world isn’t going to end in 2012, but there is sure as heck going to be a lot of destruction as the earth’s magnetic fields will switch causing widespread chaos but looking at it logically I personally doubt that the human race will barely reach the year 3000, let alone 2050!
    But check out these websites and see what you think.
    And also in these last days there are going to be many false people. ##But looking at it either way if God and the Devil exist or not we don’t lose either way.## -I can’t expand more cos ‘I’m not allowed to’
    But anyway check out these websites and search more about Nostradamus and if you’re interested search about New world Order and Nostradamus and about ‘Islam being a false religion’ That’s all I can say!
    Hope I didnt confuse U!

  2. The one that always sticks in my mind is where he goes on about the ‘hosts of hell’. I keep thinking, ‘yep, he’s right’, when I see some of the latest music on MTV like N-dubz or whatever they’re called and the like.

  3. Iam an Hindu and I will expalin Nostradamus prediction from my perspective,
    In hindu spirituality there is something called Siddhi which means powers obtained by constant practice. Any person by practice can obtain these powers. Even learning to cycle or swim is a form of Siddhi. Similarly by constant practice to predict future will earn you the power to predict future(This practice might go on for lot of life cycles of human being). So Nostradamus had earned this siddhi by consatnt practice for a number of life times. Once you can see future you will be seeing it in your perspective. And a lot of times peceptions might be wrong (Like nostradamus predicting about flying pigs on eagles which is fighter pilots in masks, or fire will strike on the 45 th latitude etc). But his prediction will surely give indication of what is going to happen. Any body with constant meditation and practice can earn these supernatural powers. There is something called Asta Siddhi (8 Powers) which includes powers like walking on water, moving through walls, knowing the knowledge of all times, walking on air etc which can be gained by any individual by meditation and Yoga. So nostradamus had one of this powers.
    Now let me tell you something about Dooms day
    You might be knowing about the prescision of the earth. It about earth wobbling about its own axis just as spinning top. When earth spins this way its axis crosses various constellations. And it takes about 2050 years for earth axis to move from one constellation to other. Moses was born when the earth moved from taurus(bull) to Aireis (sheep) constellation(That is why Moses asked everybody to stop worshipping Bull), and Jesus was born when the earth moved from Airies to Peices(fish) constellation (Jesus fed thousands of people with a loaf of bread and two fishes). In 2050 AD the earth will move from Peices to Stigitairius(Man with a Pitcher) constellation. It is not the earth or mankind which will end but the age(Aeon) which is going to end. This is a western perspective Iam putting. So the earth is not going to end by 2050.
    Now let me put the Indian perspective. The present age is Kaliyuga whoose duration is 4,32,000 years. Till now only 5000 years in this present age is past. This is the age in which people become more egoistic and cruel. The knowledge gained will not be used for any good. People will love to have petty fights, people will become sadists and will be the reason for the destruction of human kind. But according to predictions this will take 4,27,000 years more. At the end of the age there will be incarnation of GOD which will protect handful of good people from a partial dooms day( Khanda Pralaya) which is descibed in Visnu purana(One od the Hindu Literature) that during this period there will be slow increase in the gap between two rainy seasons. Whenever it rains it will cause floods, during other time there is famine.As we can see this process has started now. During the end of this Kaliyug the gap between two consecutive rainy seasons might be of the order of 100 years. This will cause a lot wars over water. This is when human kind(As well as most of the plant and animal species) will come to near extinction. After this period a new Chaturyug(4 Ages) is going to start. In the first age of this new Chaturyug(Named Satyug which will be around 1,70,00,000 yeas) there will be righteousness which will be slowly established. New plant and animal species will come into existence and thus the cycle(Cycle of four ages viz Satyug, Thretayug , Dwaparyug and Kaliyug) continues for infinite times.


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