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What's more relaxing? Yoga or tai chi?

I’ve never done either, but I’ve seen yoga as a way for a relaxing workout. I’m curious about whether tai chi is too. It seems it might be.


  1. yoga for sure, although some poses make you feel tired. but less strainuos poses like warrior pose makes u feel calm and relax as you focus on breathing.

  2. Tai chi is only relaxing if you’re doing it wrong. Actually, the slow movements should be performed while the weight is lowered in what most consider uncomfortable ways. After a while it becomes relaxing but it takes time to strengthen the legs to the point where they can maintain the postures first.
    Though yoga can be pretty intense too actually, depending on the style. Both are really good for your health and well-being though, so give them a try!

  3. If you speak of mental relaxation, then I feel both have equal potential for getting you to that state of mind.
    Ultimately, it’s a matter of whichever one works better for you, because both are very much examples of, “you get out of it what you put in to it.”
    I think the flowing movements of Tai Chi are beautiful.
    When I took my first Tai Chi class, I was already regularly involved in yoga, and my available time was limited.
    I found Tai Chi required a certain amount of coordination, which I initially found challenging.
    I think the coordination would have come to me if I had the time to stay with it longer.
    I hope to try Tai Chi again some day.


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