Home Discussion Forum What's more effective Usui or Kundalini Reiki?

What's more effective Usui or Kundalini Reiki?

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  1. Reiki has existed for many years. A description of Reiki is found in Sanskrit texts dating back more than 4,000 years. The knowledge on how to use Reiki was either lost or not known about for a long time. The use of Reiki has been resurrected by many individuals over the last two hundred years. A number of new schools exist today. Two of them being Usui and Kandalini. In my opinion they are equal as they achieve the same thing.
    What is more important is the way of learning. I prefer teacher / student learning where the student is individually guided by the teacher. The advantage of learning from a reputable Master is that you learn a lot of stuff that you can’t learn through books. For example, experiencing the Reiki Energy flow which may be difficult to try and do on your own. Attending a propper course puts you in touch with like-minded students who can learn off each other and practice together.
    Depending on whether you want to set up a practice, it is important that you choose a course that is recognised in the country that you wish to practice. For example, a course linked to a recognised natural healing school may help you get the registration and insurance that you need. Placing the words “registered and insured practioner” after your name means a lot for your credibility.
    The best Reiki teacher is the Universe itself. At your next Meditation, ask the Universe for the best options and school to use. It will come to you.

  2. That would depend on your definition of effective, and what condition/s you’re referring to. But in any case the only proper way to determine effectiveness of any treatment is by randomized clinical trial. And I’m willing to bet that both of these treatments can’t beat placebo, given that there is no plausibility or evidence for Reiki ‘energy’.

  3. Kundalini reiki is an effective way of cleansing the chakras, and opening and strengthening the natural energy channels of the body. … The Kundalini Reiki Master course includes the three Kundalini Reiki attunements, the six booster attunements, and the six bonus attunements described below. Also included is the…

  4. Both forms are great. They are very similar they just tune in to slightly different energies. I would recommend that you talk with practitioners of both and see which has the most training and which person you feel the greatest level of trust and comfort with. I have trained in many different energy healing modalities. I find great similarities in all of them but each one has something just a little different, I do not find one better than the others and in fact when treating a client I will mix and match energies and methods. I do find, however, that Usui Reiki is my home base. It is the solid foundation to which I always return. Explore, see what you prefer. Best wishes to you.

  5. Neither have any mechanism for working so they both rely on placebo. There’s nothing to suggest the placebo effect of one would be greater than the other.


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