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Whats makin me tired all the time with NO energy???

Right…. Im always tired and sleep well over 8 hours a night and i have no energy at all!
Iv had blood tests for Diebeties,thyroid and glanderler fever but they have all come back negative.
Can anyone give me any idea what else it could be as its really getting me down!


  1. sounds like thyroid disorder, even if your doctor has diagnosed it ask for him to re check or take your TSH level, it can give a better indication.

  2. anemic maybe can sometimes make you feel sluggish, or maybe you have a viral infection thats causes your zapped energy

  3. Your diet. What do you eat and drink daily. Poor diet? That’s your answer. Excersize will also bring up your energy level.

  4. Have you had blood tests for anaemia?
    Do you have heavy periods?
    This can also make you feel as though you are constantly tired and with no energy
    Also a poor diet can contribute
    Top up with iron supplements, or just go to your doctor and ask for the test, he will prescribe the iron tablets for you

  5. it could be irritable bowel syndrome, or an allergy to foodstufffs such as wheat dairy etc. keep a food diary of what you have eaten and how you feel…. also excersize way more than you do even if you dont feel like it….

  6. Depression.
    I’m still trying to figure it out myself. I always feel tired too and I get plenty of sleep and I’ve been tested for the same.
    Some times you can try some vitamins for exercising more. Healthy bodies drain less energy.

  7. i know what you mean. you may just have a bug. there is a sickness and diarrhea bug going round that really drains you. could be your diet, work or just the stresses of everyday life. i wouldnt worry too much. try to eat alot of fresh fruit and veg to pump up your immune system to keep you healthy, and drink lots of fluids to keep hydrated. wait till after xmas after you’ve had a break from work. if your still feeling tired, go to the docs again. Maybe you just need more sleep than others. I need about 9 or 10 lol x

  8. Your hemoglobin could be low take vitamins especially iron, get iron pills. take the with juice so there is no constipation. I work with endorinologists, have the same problem and I see it all the time. take iron and rest.

  9. maybe ur like stressed or depressed ?………..try exercise regularly …drink alot of water …take vitamens …….

  10. pregnant, although that would’ve shown up in the blood tests.
    allergies? sometimes, allergies are so bad that it prevents people from sleeping well, even though they are getting lots of sleep.
    try taking an over the counter allergy medicine. really, anything but sudafed.
    good luck

  11. polycystic ovarian syndrome?
    i have it and i experience these symptons
    try exercising more, maybe jo in a gym
    30 mins a day vigorous walking will give you more energy

  12. Do you drink a lot of caffeine? Energy drinks, coffee, etc? If so this could be a major reason why you’re so tired. Especially if you’ve had a lot in the past and suddenly stopped drinking it. Don’t worry though, the tiredness is just part of withdrawls and it will go away eventually if you stop drinking caffeine.

  13. There could be so many reasons!! It could be:
    -Winter, its just too dark at the moment.
    -Bad sleep, or even too much sleep.
    -too less exercise. try to make some sports sometimes, sure, afterwards it will make you even more tired, but it gives you more energy in the long run.
    -drink enough water/have a healthy diet
    -it you have the opportunity, take a nap (30 min or so) in the afternoon. it really refreshes. 🙂

  14. I was just diagnosed with Thyroid Disease after three years of feeling the same thing and many test later! Doctors won’t do extensive blood work on it unless you ask, if you’ve had any changes in your weight, gaining or losing, it is definetly your thyroid! Or you could be anemic if your period is heavy. If you take iron and don’t need it, it could kill you! IRON POISONING! I’m sure they have taken your hemoglobin. I have gone threw all of this and if you need help, shoot me an email!
    You can eat a banana a day and it will help you feel tremendously better!

  15. Hi My Girlfriend last year was just like how you are..
    Then it all come down to .. doing to much in aday like working it can give you a down fall…
    Also some times people can be fine in the summer but not in the winter? ..
    Hopes i Helped

  16. you may have infection related chronic fatigue syndrome ( most GPs are lousy at spotting it and treating it )-its best to consult experienced doctors who can investigate it properly-
    see the page at the private hospital below-

  17. Iam the same but only at the time of the month, mabey its what your eating,i need a good breakfast in the morning otherwise i feel very weak.


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