What's it like to be in a relationship with a succubus?

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I’m not talking about the metaphorical one referring to humans; I’m referring to the supernatural kind. I’ve read a lot of detailed information regarding succubi and many have claimed that they are evil and will eventually kill you through sex. Some say this is a big misdemeanor. I don’t know. What’s it like to be involved with a supernatural succubus? I need straightforward answers and serious ones too. And no I’m not on any kind of drug or medication.

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MEOW I'm a kitteh

It’s grrrrrrrreat!


A succubus basically seduces you. You become so self-absorbed with it that nothing else matters. You know those creepy stalkers who make shrines for their love and do drastic things to forcefully win her over, even if she’s never met him before? Yeah, a succubus gives you those kind of feelings for it.
You become so obsessed over your love for a succubus that you eventually die because you do nothing else. The succubus itself doesn’t kill you, you kill yourself by neglecting everything else in life. Usually you starve to death before anything else, but you may die in other ways depending on how your neglect your own well-being.

Darkest Star

It is tiring and generally leads to insanity. One afflicted gets no sleep to speak of and that which one manages is disturbed by vivid erotic dreams. Most people afflicted by succubi or incubi end up either demonstrably maddened to the point of nymphomania or general hysteria or they become increasingly withdrawn and end up catatonic (either immobile or extremely excited to the point of physical collapse).

Darci harman

My husband has had a succubus in his life for going on 4 yrs the last two have been pretty tough I can see it paralyze him it makes me so angry he’s always looking for her leaving g her a cig and just always consuming her and everything he does I watch his legs go up and the knees go up and that’s it she’s got him so tired he shares he’s gonna die on his birthday he’s getting warmer and weaker what do I do.


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