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What’s in it for the Universe for having turned us into these bits and pieces of curious consciousness?

In other words, why should the very substances of the Universe ever attempt to organize themselves into such an apparently curious consciousness state? … What does the Universe get out of the Human consciousness deal? … Or is Consciousness a Free and Accidental Universal Meal for Humanity to “Enjoy”?


  1. The universe gets nothing out of human consciousness/sentience. Ergo, a compelling circumstantial argument for the existence of God

  2. Some behaviorists suggest that humans, eventhough they have a consciousness really dont have free will. Like the thoughts you think or the actions you do are really only a production of the stimulus-response theory. But thats a good question. I have always wondered that.

  3. maybe we aren’t alone either…when we come across problems we cant quite discern the best thing to do is try to overcome it…then when we have overcome our difficulties or in this case maybe “tuned our philosophies into ones of intelligence and understanding of such concerns”…then we can look back and ask why ..

  4. conciousness is a means of survival. if an entity is self aware then it stands a higher chance of survival endurance and evolution.
    Robot will do what it is programmed to do and strictly that.. which gives it limited possibilities.. while a living being on the other hand is self aware and will do what it WANTS to do what it thinks is the best solution for preservation.
    It is not a coincidence that we have a concience, nature has its reasons and ways.

  5. The universe couldn’t care less about anything to do with us. If it had feelings that is. We’re simply an annoyance along for the ride. The universe will go on long after our consciousness is nothing more than a speck of space dust.

  6. This idea of bits and pieces is happening in the mind, no where else in this universe !
    There is another level of consciousness where everything is still the one (even calling it ‘one’ is just indicative, because even the usage tends to mislead since it is an isolation of sort !).. There is a choice to be aware or conscious of the duality as well as non-duality, a choice available to only humans…!

  7. Really good question. I think that it is the afterlife. After the physical form, the many conciousnesses merge and join to become infinitely bigger and infinitely wiser.
    How did you come up with this quesion? And how is it apparent to you? It is to me as well.
    What’s in it for the universe? Evolution of human conciousness perhaps.

  8. The universe we are in is spilled out of god ( big bang theory ). The 12 tribes, there differen’t species, the human race’s importance is to get the 12 tribes together for a reintorduction back into god, or the entire realm of exsistence. We are made curious to figure out everything, a job meant for someone else hence the battle between good and evil. If you look scientifically at religion and posses the poetic nature of science, it all comes together. Consciousness is our gift, we decide what is right or wrong, despite where we are right now. No one can figure out god, just think of it as a constent, something that always has been and always will be, and we are the explorers to the abyss of it’s outer realms. Our everyday battle is to teach us what is truely right and wrong, so we grow on our own away from god’s influence. That is why the human race is so important, we function without god unlike everything else that has ever exsisted. There are no accidents, only a missunderstanding of what is fully going on with all of exsistence.

  9. Human consciousness and the universal consciusness cannot treated as different entitties. Human mind is but the microcosm of the universal macrocosm. Our theology, explains that there is both a phase of creativity and that of inertia, both following each other. In the inertia, all the creative forces, the sakthi rupa of devinity are withdrawn into the potential form of the devine, when it is known as the Siva Rupa. After a long long years of inertia, the creation is recommenced and the devine forces take the dynamic form, ie the Sakti swaroopa. All the creations are the will of the one single devine entity. All the beings that are created are the result of the will of the Original cosmic force. The Human Consiousness is only part of the drama or lila of the devinity, who orchestrates the drama of life. For him,. in this creation, all the contrary forces, like good and evil, man and woman, the godly and the devil are one and the same and He remains a witness to the happenings. Hence, it is not correct to view the human consciousness as some thing in isolation.

  10. You’re assuming there’s some motive or reason for our existence. Why is it so hard for people to accept that no such motive or reason is necessary? The universe cares nothing for us, knows nothing about us. That would imply sentience, which the universe is not. (If the universe _was_ sentient, then what need would it have of creating us??)

  11. My personal belief is that it’s God…and that He has the most creative mind and the best sense of humor out there. He gets our Love in return, which was and is His ultimate free gift to us 🙂
    Sorry if you disagree with that…just wanted to answer another of your questions, and I always answer truthfully…even when being a smartypants 😉

  12. You are assuming (get it? “ASSUMING”) here that we are all materialists. Or are you just challenging the idealists among us who believe consciousness to be primary and pre-existent to material to get off our butts and support our beliefs? You ARE a little devil. But Wittgenstein would be proud of you. Then again, would he? Wasn’t it he who said, “Philosophy consists of no more than this form of analysis: “Wovon man nicht sprechen kann, darüber muß man schweigen” – whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.” Love ya, guy. Just teasing agaiin.

  13. Universe(or creator) created ‘stars’, ‘planets’, ‘galaxies’…..all these “follow rules”. They do not make(take) decisions as to what to do next. This is good enough but the creator cannot have fun by watching.
    But by creating “conscious beings” like us, we are also made to “follow rules” for sure, but in addition to a certain extent we can makes decisions like “yes/no” which will make this game “fun to watch” for the creator.

  14. Yes… we are the Bit Mac Meal of Universal Soul Food. It gets free coupons for unlimited servings of stir-fried noodles, and a free, one-way- ticket to other enigmatic and anomalous Universal paths.

  15. the universe will get nothing out of us, in fact we’re like parasites in its RATHER eternal flow. In the end our streams of conciousness will cease and be forgotten, not even worth mentioning a myth in space.

  16. oh mr. numbers man! WHAT IF you asked that question totally bassackwards?….isn’t it just possible that consciousness wanted a few play toys?

  17. The Garden of Eden..What a place. Yes the consciousness must know how to love it.. What joy a great place to live…Now what you make of it is you business. love and beloved..That is my motto!


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