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Whats going to happen in the year 2012?

Many people believe that the world will end in dec 21 2012. Many people do believe in Spiritual Awakening, Global Awareness, and spiritual evolution
In your opinion, explain what you think might happen in 2012?


  1. I hope Aliens come and rescue me,and we watch as this blue little thing we call ‘earth’ gets destroyed by a large hurling rock 🙂

  2. I know for a fact that the world will not end in 2012. The bible says “No man knows the day or hour” which mean, if someone says it’s going to happen then, it’s not going to. A lot of signs have to take place first, also. 🙂

  3. The same thing that happened during Y2K….a whole lot of hype about nothing. Is it really such a stretch of the imagination that MAYBE the Mayans simply ran out of space on the rock they carved their calandar on?

  4. There will be an olympic games, a US presidental elections, and a February 29. The supposed doomsday is an obvious hoax. Those “many people” have a predicted “spiritual awakening” every few years, and after thousands of years of some magical world changing event being just around the corner, you’d think more of them would catch on.

  5. The London Olympics will happen in 2012.
    December 21st 2012 will be the shortest day of that year.
    I also predict that on 22nd December 2012 those people who kept worrying about 21st will feel like right idiots and then try to distance themselves from the prediction as much as possible.

  6. I’m all for planetary enlightenment and every time someone refers to a date or event they always claim it’s a destructive end. Little do they realize that most of these events signal an evolution in thinking and creativity. We must carry the message of hope and growth.
    But what'[s really going to happen is the evil travelling gnome and his minions– the equally evil Keebler Elves, are going to rise up and enslave us all.

  7. Nothing. What they are predicting, about the Mayan Calendar and their predictions of the end of the world happening on 2012 is not true. Nobody knows when the world will end. I think even way way way back before, they kept on telling and predicting that the world is about to end but up until now, Earth is still here.

  8. Who knows….anything is possible…..or nothing at all…
    We are in the last days but God is the only one who knows the date. So, it could be tomorrow.

  9. Nothing.
    People think that the Aztecs predicted the end of the world on 2012, but this isnt so. They were one of the first civilizations that created a calender based on the moon cycle. And because they randomly ended their calender on 12/21/12, people think it must be the end of the world. But think about it, the calender had to end sometime. It couldnt have gone on forever.

  10. the sun will emit a huge solar flare that will destroy the ignorance of the world. look around, see what is happening, something bigger than random opinions and thought. man has taken the idea that people rule the world and put things in an order of disgrace when everything that is has equal purpose. look around common sense


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