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what's going on with my aura?

okay, so my mom can read auras and she was shocked to find that my aura was gone. she said that she didn’t see anything. im not really sure what to think about this. just yesterday my aura had been a light yellow, and today she saw nothing. can anybody tell me what this means, she wouldn’t tell me. ):
i checked again on thursday, she still couldn’t see it. everybody else had one, but not me……wtf


  1. All living beings (and some unliving ones) have auras, if you don’t have an aura anymore that means you’re dead, which you can’t be since you’re posting this question so there must be another reason. Maybe your mom’s just a bit tired?

  2. s**t …..
    hug moms now and close your eye’s im in horror and no i don’t know thats not suppost to happen ….

  3. When a person’s aura disappears, it is said that the person’s death will come soon.
    Or maybe an powerful entity is meddling with her skills for some reason.. =]
    Or the person is capable of dissipating its aura to avoid detection.
    Or your mom’s skills, are fluctuating at the moment. =]
    I wish you luck…

  4. there are somethings i would like to tell you about all the aura thing, but it will not help you anyway so i will just say that you don’t need to worry about it. smile and be pretty =D


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