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what’s going on on here today?

Not in etiquette but in other sections. I know this gets asked a lot but why are people so rude? There’s probably no real answer to that but it seems to be really bad today. I got voted for a best answer only because the person wanted to call me an ugly old hag. Is that really necessary?
I asked a question earlier about people holding doors for others and someone answered that why should I think anyone should hold a door open for me and if he saw me he’d like to his fist in my face.

Even a month ago YA used to be kind of fun but it’s not anymore.
Is anyone else thinking of going off this site?
Is there a more decent site available?

Thanks….and please don’t be mean.


  • I get called names often. I was snapping back at them yesterday and really paid for it today with a guilty conscience and some hate mail. Then I had to apologize to some people who have insulted me in the past. Talk about eating crow! But I deserved it. God spanked me.

    Hang in there Nancy. Judging from your avatar you’re hardly an old hag. Some people just hate. I truly believe they come here for our light when we can shine it and take the punches, knowing that the calmer we stay the better witness we are. Talk to christians and they will even out the insults.

    I hope you don’t leave 🙁

    Maybe just time for a break.

  • This shows their insecurity, lack of level and class, and doing this makes them feel better…Just report such answers…You are the better, cheer up!

  • You`re going to get that on any site you go to , Wilhelmina !! It`s the little kiddies getting their jollies while mommy`s at work !! ……………. pay no attention !

  • Please don’t take it personally or get upset; this type of response is usually by either a) kids who think they’re funny or b) sad, pathetic people who have so little in their lives that the only way they can “express” themselves is to be nasty and hope to ruin someone else’s day.

  • I report them but it seems many times yahoo does not even delete there answer. I feel the same way you do. there is no reason to be rude, nasty or cuss

  • Simple minds trying to express themselves. They are so primitive and un-evolved that they have no other way to confirm their existence. They can’t express themselves with a logical, well thought out or even humorous answer. All they can do is make a rude comment and then giggle at themselves.

  • I think I know what you mean, Nancy. Manners and just being polite no matter how you feel is going down the drain with the rest of society.

    I have been chosen as BA for rude reasons also, and it is really offensive. I am not that kind of person, so I am always surprised when I am treated that way. Yeah, I can appreciate a good verbal spar, and I don’t mind being strong in my language, but why be rude about it?

    I think this impressed me the most when Sherlock Holmes met with his adversary, Professor Moriarty. Here these two men would rather see each other dead, but they were always so polite about it! It was a pleasure to read.

    Perhaps it came with the dumbing down of society. Remember the saying, “Violence is the first refuge of the mentally incompetent.”? I think it applies in a way with rude responses.

    Sorry, I don’t know of another site. I guess I’ll just sit here with my gator hide on so I don’t feel the barbs as much.

    Edit: I have actually thought about quitting, too, but there are still a few really nice people on here who are quite pleasant to exchange Q&As with.

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