Home Discussion Forum What's everyone doing for Samhain this year?

What's everyone doing for Samhain this year?

We’re having a big coven get-together at my house this year, complete with divination, past life regressions, and lots of good food! What are you doing this year?


  1. Big gathering, and putting out thoughtforms for those in need, drumming circle, food, art and talent sharing–I only just found out it was happening for sure so I don’t know what else might be happening

  2. I’m a Solitare so I usually spend it with my family, This year I am going to a Celebration the Saturday before downtown on Public Square- in Cleveland

  3. I’m solitary, so I’ll most likely spend it at home, reading. I’m not real big on the ritual part of it, I usually spend the time reflecting on the past and start thinking about what I need to be doing in the upcoming year.


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