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What's better to start with? An Oracle deck or Rider Waite Tarot deck?

I’ve read that the Oracle is more direct in answers. But as a beginner, what should I start out with learning?


  1. i have one of each, but the rider waite seems to be more universally known.
    honestly tho, the deck needs to be something YOU are comfortable with. if you have a chance, look at the cards and the art and all that and get a good feel off of them, and decide which you like more. you should feel almost personally connected to whichever deck you choose

  2. Leave the Tarot alone! It’s not something you “learn.” It is something you must be initiated into. The Tarot is not for amateurs. Take it back to the store and get a Ouija board. That, at least, is harmless.

  3. Well it really should be about which deck resonates more with you. But as far as learning goes, I would definitely recommend the Rider Waite deck. It is a very universal deck, and the symbolism is deep yet accessable. Almost every book written about the tarot uses the Rider Waite symbolism in its examples.

  4. I’d go with the Rider Waite deck. The symbolism is clearer and easier for a novice to grasp.
    Now a word from someone who used to read cards for money: You are never going to read the future. Any Tarot deck is just a pile of pretty pasteboard that people ascribe meaning too. I use my Thoth deck as a meditation tool, for some insight when facing questions (often the pattern laid down makes me think outside the box) and to round out characters in my fiction (need a bit of personality for a spear carrier? IX Swords! He’s morose, moody, and has his own little doom cloud!)

  5. If you want to learn Tarot then get a tarot deck and start learning the system. Get good self-study book (Teresa Michelsen is great)
    Oracle might be easier. Especially if you find something close to you, angels, or native american stuff, or wiccan etc.
    I work with Tarot and Oracles. Started with Tarot though.

  6. Oracle cards are not Tarot. They can be any number of cards in the deck and they don’t follow any set pattern, like suits or numbers. They are a whole different genre from Tarot. The Tarot always is 78 cards with four suits and 22 major cards. An additional card maybe added by the author but is not essential.
    Rider Waite is best to start with for learning Tarot since most writers of tarot books use it as a starting point. Its symbolism is well recognized as true to the meaning of any given card. After you learn it well, you can branch out into other Tarot decks. Another good thing about R-W is it is very graphic. The minor cards all have scenes that give clues as to the meaning of the cards — some tarot decks don’t.

  7. I believe that you should touch each type of deck and see which one you get a feeling for. It doesn’t matter which one you start with, just that you be attracted to it and feel a connection.

  8. Rider Waite is better to get a good grounding in understanding the Tarot Cards and how to read them. Then maybe think about moving onto an Oracle deck.

  9. I started with an oracle deck call “Soul Cards” and it’s a great little deck and the book that accompanies it is great too but my first Tarot deck was the “Universal Waite” deck which is a softer rendering of the Rider Waite deck. I now have some 30 decks, mostly Tarot decks.
    In my experience with both, the oracle cards are usually more upbeat and optimistic whereas the Tarot “tells it like it is”. So, depending on my mood…I use the oracle decks when I’m feeling down and I use the Tarot when I want “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth”.
    In my opinion, both are great for what they are specifically capable of doing.
    Be Blessed!!


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