What's better to do, lucid dreaming or astral projection?

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They sound both fun but I’m not sure which one to do. I heard that when you astral project you can explore anywhere in real time. But lucid dreaming sounds like the same thing except lucid dreamins your imagination

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Steve H

Lucid dreaming is possible, astral projection is not.


You really don’t have a choice, because astral projection is not real.

Nathan Mcgaw

Have you tried it to know that it’s not real.


Well, seeing as how lucid dreaming is actually *real*, I’d go with that one.


Lucid dreaming allows you control what you dream, but it is still within your imagination. Astral projection allows you to see and experience actual events, though it is much harder and takes much more practice and control.

Archituethis dux

Learn how to lucid dream. It is quite enjoyable and you can learn how to switch nightmares to good dreams.


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