whats best to use on this one?

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well im conjurin up some old spells im makein for my book should i use blue hag hair,lazy eye from cyclopse,or the soal of a leprican ?this is part of a potian for bannishing mail men and gonna make goooooooood! fish bait to ,smells like it any way
long live uncle brett

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In my experience, blue hag hair is easiest to come by. Leprechaun souls can be tricky, as you can only catch them near St. Patty’s day. The eye of the cyclops can actually have the reverse effects in a spell if not used correctly. Yes, I would for sure go with the hair, but a toad’s brain works equally as well.


Just read your other question in which you said potions smell like Playdoh. If so, how’s that gonna make goooooooood! fish bait?




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