whats best to have hand when doing tarot cards?





(incense, stones, crystals etc) (also what sort of incence and stones)


  1. I always write down my question and the cards that I got for that question, so I can go back for reference in the future. So I would say a pen and pad and a clear mind. If you want to light candles or incense to set a mood fine, but really a clear mind is all you need.
    There is no need for stones or crystals, those have different property for different things. Cards are for answers, crystals and stones are for healing.

  2. Pencil and paper to take notes.
    Either by the reader or the person receiving the reading or both.
    The best reading I ever had was tape recorded.
    The reader offered me a cassette to take home so I could review everything she said.
    Over the following 7 years after that reading everything she said happened just as she said it would.
    While she was doing my reading she wrote down symbols on a note pad and when I asked questions she would refer to those symbols.
    I’ve never seen or heard of anyone doing that since and I have no idea what the symbols were or their meaning but it was like she was writing symbolic short hand of the cards that had been drawn.
    I started learning Tarot myself a few years ago and I’m still at a loss as to what that short hand was.

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