• Auras are the energy field that surrounds beings and they do have different colours. They are probably electro magnetic energy and some go further out than others, depending on the vitality of a person and how that person is feeling or whether a plant is flourishing. Some think that halos, in paintings, may represent a special form of aura.

    Some people can see auras, but it is difficult to do. There are web sites, some connected with healing, that give meaning for various colours, but there is no set definition. Auras do not seem to have been investigated scientifically yet, nor have their existence been proved, so it would be useful to make enquiries from anyone who can see auras.

  • It is the energy surrounding human beings. Some people can see them, and tend to see them in colors. There are even machines that photograph auras. The color seen represent different emotions and states of being, depending what the colors are and where they seen.

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