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What's a technique for astral projection?

I have started reading about meditation and astral projection and stuff and want to know for sure whether it’s possible to astrally project, so I figured I’d give it a try myself. What are some techniques that any of you know or have used yourself, so I can try?


  1. Try the paranormal phenomena category under “alternative sciences” which is in the mathematics and sciences section. You could also go to the forum at paranormal.about.com
    What I do is lay down, concentrate on my breathing then imagine that i;m climbing out of my body with a rope or ladder. imagining that you are moving in front of yourself in any way might just trigger an astral projection. Your body has to fall alseep but your mind has to concentrate in being awake. You have to stay concentrated and not get distracted. You will feel numb, have vibrations, and perhaps hear a buzzing sound.

  2. Get yourself a huge piece of rubber and tie it between two trees. Get your whole body in it and pull it back as far as you can. Jump up in the air and let the force of the rubber band fling you forward. Put you feet down suddenly and stop. Your soul will keep going for a moment. That is astral projection.
    OR, you can surrender to God through Christ and let Him take you exactly where you are suppose to go. If it is out of your body for any reason, He has the ability to do it.

  3. Try to be totally calm then try to blank out anything in your mind, some use special music that helps them float away, keep trying and one day you will get it.

  4. Do you have to? I must warn you. Instead of astral projection, your etheric double could leave your physical body, and the “silver cord” connecting the two might snap. Then your physical body dies. Or you could open yourself to possession by malevolent spiritual entities.

  5. Just say you did it and tell all your friends that you did. The effect will be the same.
    In other words, the astral plane doesn’t exist, and astral projection is the biggest load of donkey poo ever.

  6. A good thing to get are crystals energized by your own chakras. Lay on your back head to the north feet to the south. Place a crystal on your third eye, shut out the outside world and come in touch with the universe and feel the feeling of oness with the people and creation. Make sure you have a foothold on the earth so you have a way to come back if your scared or threatened.
    I’ve never done it myself but this is close to it. The chakras and kulindini will help to open the doorway.


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