Home Discussion Forum What's a spell to cleanse a house of negative energy?

What's a spell to cleanse a house of negative energy?

And also any specific rituals would be helpful to thanks.


  1. Don’t know of any spells…but I do know of one thing that helps and that is the burning of sage and as it burns say blessings over yourself, your rooms…anything you think that needs cleansed…you can even cleanse yourself and others…Cherokee Indians did before ceremonies…Hope this helps…Good luck..You can buy sage at your local head shops and health food stores..it looks like a bunch of twigs twined together…Peace and God bless!!!

  2. I have one spell that should work. You need a stick, about thirteen inches long, and it should be made of holly, though oak sometimes works. Place the stick in your dominant hand and make a clockwise circle while saying “wingardium leviosa” one time. Good luck.
    by the way saying “god bless” to a person asking for magik advice? yeah, nice move

  3. Some people say that sage incense taken from room to room, moved all around the windows and doors will cleanse a house.
    Having your home blessed by a priest, if you are Catholic, is good.

  4. It’s more likely you need to have a spring clean and get a plumber or electrician or structural engineer in to check your house since your perceptions of “negative energy” may simply be a subliminal perception that something is wrong with the house?
    The sage ceremony would help anyway since sage has essential oils whose odor can have an uplifting effect.
    Why not just plant a herb garden or put some small pots of herbs throughout the house?
    Gardening is a ritual!

  5. The previous answers of burning sage is absolutely correct and can be done at any time. However; if you believe that your energies require a larger “volt” of spirit to drive them out then I strongly recommend that you first burn sage on the very first night of any full moon into every room in your home while speaking your wishes for GOOD energies to enter your home.
    At the end of the full moon cycle, burn the sage again throughout the entire house except keep your mind focused and chant or just think clearly and visualize all BAD energies to exit your home and not return. Your thoughts should be very clear and strong.
    Burning sage to cleanse is a very effective remedy…..another is to take your “broom” and sweep away all negatives!
    Good luck!

  6. Burn white sage in a shell and carry the smoke into ever corner of every room in your house. When you smoke or smudge the corners stand in the center of the room and ask for cleansing of the area. Do this in ever room of the house including the basement and attic and attached sheds etc that are actually contected to the main house.
    You can do this at any time but it is best done on a night that has a full moon. You can say any prayers that come to mind as you carry the smoke from room to room.

  7. I use Dragon’s Blood incense.
    However you get it burn it and let the odor penetrate every area of the house. Once it’s cleansed, I usually take a gemstone of moderate preciousnessand tie it up with twine sealed with candle wax and let that stone live above each door or window that allows entrance to the house.

  8. Kinda like asking for a spell to help wash the walls.
    You can perform this task any number of ways successfully.
    You can create a circle (spiritual or made from salt or fire), raise energy within it through incantation and concentration to the point of critical mass, and then open the circle, releasing the positive energy to wash its way through the house (the bug bomb method.)
    You can create a circle, call down the blessing of your preferred divinity, and ask their assistance in helping to clean and consecrate your house. In gratitude, you leave a little ‘altar’ set aside somewhere, with a plate of ‘gifts’ for the divinity and a candle or two burning. As the candle burns away, so too will the presence of the divinity attend to the task at hand. When the candle goes out, the job is done, and you carefully discard the gift, thanking the divinity again when you do (burying is always best, preferably somewhere close to where you live, but a nice spot of your own choosing is just as good. Simply throwing the gifts out is a baaaaaad idea.) I call this the maid service method.
    You can also do it quite literally. If you are doing both the inside and outside (the more effort you put into it, the better the cleansing will be) you can do the inside with a sponge and the outside with a garden hose. Simply make a bucket of soapy water, consecrate (adding sacred, cleansing energy) the water in whatever way you think is best, and then literally use the consecrated water to ‘wash’ the negativity away. It can be done throughly or superficially, since the power of the action comes from the depth of the metaphor. It isnt about how much soap you use as it is about how much you believe, how much you allow yourself to believe, that you aren’t just washing the walls you are washing away all the negativity stored within. The more you believe, the stronger the cleansing. If you do it right, when you are done you should be able to feel as if your house/apartment has just stepped out after a nice long bath (a little weak but refreshed and clean.) If you have a house, you can do the outside with a pressure hose; again the important thing is to ‘believe’ that you are washing away the negativity while you hose your house down. A good cleansing makes a house feel better just like it does a human, and you can always tell the difference. I call this the ‘whistle while you work’ method.
    If you aren’t very picky or caught up in all the many nuances and such with most rituals, you can do the Force of Will method. This is much harder and more crude to do, since what you do is basically use your will to ‘scrub’ the walls clean. No circles, no incense, no candles, no outside influence, no nothing. Just you and your indomitable will to see something done, and you stand there ‘willing’ your house clean until you feel that the job is done. You can do or imagine whatever it takes in your mind to get the job done: burn it, flood it, implode a holy bomb in the middlle and have it radiate outwards, make your favorite monster or superhero (in your mind) come down and laserbeam it clean, you could imagine an army of mongooses riding a whole bunch of harley’s into town, coming over and licking every inch of your house or walls, or you could imagine a battalion of fairies coming in and attacking every part of your house like its WW III (like the story about the poor cobbler). The advantage to this method is that it really is only limited by your imagination. The disadvantage is that it takes a strong will and imagination to see it through. That means if it takes you half an hour, or half a day, to imagine all the fairies going over every nook and cranny, that is how long it takes.
    One method is not better or worse than any other, it all depends upon the person and what works for them.

  9. Write your own spell if you can (it’s more powerful). Also, sea salt is a great purifier and protects against evil. You could sprinkle it around your house.


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