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Whats a religion thats good for me?

Well, first off, I dont need harassment from religious nuts out there. But I do believe in Jesus, he was a man that existed that could do magic. I’m really into nature and animals (shamanism?) and im fairly open to magic and spirits (wiccan? Necromancy?). Im not too sure on which the wiccan religion is based upon, I think mostly nature. I know necromancy isn’t anything good, or if you could call it a religion or not. But yeah, any ideas?
Uhm, anyone suggest anything that doesn’t have to do with the christian god and holy spirit? I’m not sure if I can believe in it yet. I do however believe in nature and that ultimately we will all once again become part of the cycle, no one is immortal, all will die eventually.


  1. Sounds like you’re on the right lines. The spiritual world is a complex one, which explains why there are so many pagan religions – each one has managed to get their head around some aspect of it. Personally I’m a traditional Satanist (I say that to differentiate it from LaVeyan or atheistic Satanists who don’t believe Satan exists – it’s really just all for show), which is also along similar lines but sort of semi-detached as it’s not a nature religion like Wicca. Magick is involved in that as well. Necromancy isn’t a religion.

  2. I am happy to hear you believe in Jesus do you know He died for our sins that we might live and receive eternal life. He took the keys of Hades from Satan and gave us a way out the only way to heaven and salvation. He saved the world, For by grace you have been saved through faith in Him and that not of ourselves, it is the gift of God. for God so loved the world that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. He broke the barrier between man and God by His (Jesus)shed blood the angel of death can pass us by, just like in Egypt all the firstborn died who did not have the blood of the lamb over their doorposts, us who are in Christ Jesus are covered by His blood and are redeemed. I hope you dont think I am a religious nut as you call it as I keep well away from religion, but if you believe in Jesus may I suggest you read about what He said and did and then make a choice to desire God and not religion – for that is the ultimate goal to be one with our creator God, the you will see the power of God in your own life – Jesus had that power and it is not magic as you call it but is the power of God and is available for us too and the spirt is the Holy spirit who is totally awesome and may you seek and desire to know Him too, and hope you find the wonderful truth and stay well away from religion – seek God and all else will be revealed to you – be excited its there to be found!

  3. I don’t think anyone can tell you that. I think you’ll find out in time what fits for you. I know that quizzes are really cheesy and intended mostly (usually) for fun, but there’s this one quiz called the Belief O Matic or something like that on (I think) beliefnet.com and I took it a couple of times. It gave me a place to start. I took it a few times and researched the religions that I scored the highest in and my top religion was actually the one that fit me the best and that’s what I’m studying right now. Good luck with finding your path! Blessed be!

  4. Read ALL of the books written by Castenada and as you evolve, read them again, and again.. Ken Wilbur’s “Spectrum of Consciousness” is an introductory to all things spiritual. Robert S. De Ropp’s “The Master Game” is another must read. Allan Watts is beautiful. Herman Hess. Enjoy your journey! Gurdjieff & Ouspensky…….


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