What's a REALLY great tea one would recommend?

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I’m trying this new Zen Lifestyle, which requires tea drinking :D. I’m not really a fan of tea, I mean, iced tea if fine, sweet tea… isn’t that good. I just tried Throat soothing, sleepy time tea, and it wasn’t that great. I want to find a tea that’s really for me. Just in case, i like really sour stuff, and sweet if its a little less sweet than sweet tea. I don’t want a boring bland flavor. I want something delicious, and just for me :D.

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Mint tea is my favourite, try green tea as it is packed with anti-oxidents, white tea or nettle tea are kind of cool, I would stear clear of the Earl Grey as it is very pungent and those fruity flavoured ones never really do much with me, I have to say some of the caffeine free ones are surprisingly nice


Check out http://oolonghouse.com/catalog/
I’m sure you’ll find the tea that’s right for you. They have a huge selection and Rooibos tea is generally more aromatic than the rest. My friend got me smooth caramel, I love it! They also have small tea bags you can buy for a dollar to try out before you buy bigger tin cans. Teas such as Cinnamon fire are intense and it’s high quality tea. Enjoy! =)

Masood Mohammed

Definitely green tea, especially if it’s cold. Not only does it taste good but it is very healthy with all of the antioxidants it has. If you are buying it from stores make sure to get one that is low on sugar!!!


I drink Lipton Green Tea with Mandarin Orange daily. It’s green tea with a hint of orange flavoring that really makes it taste great. I also add in a little raw honey to sweeten it up. I really enjoy the taste. It’s packed with antioxidants that keep you healthy and if you use raw honey to sweeten it, it has even more health benefits. Here’s some more information on Lipton Green Tea.


green tea with honey. it is great cold on summer days

Luis Sequeira

I love Ice tea with hot fish finger………..


I am firmly convinced that there is a tea for everyone. With your description, you’d need some added sour flavor to your tea; it’s a good thing that black tea with citrus is a very popular combination. Earl Grey is the most well-known and IMO best in that line, but there is also Constant Comment (tea with orange) and do-it-yourself black tea with lemon juice. Any tea-with-citrus can be sweetened with honey or sugar, but a good tea shouldn’t need sweetening.


Hey Austin,
You just have to try an iced green tea!.Really, give it a go…I’m convinced that you will like it! Follow these very simple directions:

Jorge Artiles

Have green tea


the best tea is japanese tea, and one of the best is Sencha tea, not so expensive and delicious. You have to drink that without sugar!
I thought that maybe theese books could be interesting for you. Thay changed my life.
They don’t tal spefically about tea but about zen and hoe to manage better our daily life.
Take a look if you want.


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