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What's a good website for beginners to learn tai chi?

I have never done any tai chi but would like to begin learning. I’m looking for a good beginner’s website with some sort of free instructional content so I can begin learning before I commit to buying a training video. I’m particularly interested in the Yang style but anything is fine.


  1. How about http://www.findyourselfateacher.com?
    you are only fooling yourself if you think you can learn anything from the internet or books or videos.
    ESPECIALLY with tai chi. Tai chi is one of the most difficult arts to find a teacher who is teaching you legitimately for two reasons:
    1- so many people find it more lucrative and acceptable to teach it based on the claim of “health”, thus you get geezers who would never consider it as a martial art joining for “health”, and
    2- even if you find a school that claims to teach it for combat (which is hard in and of itself unless you live in a big city), they are likely not really going to be training you properly. Most will say “do x and over time your stregth will develop”.
    This is not the case, if you aren’t being taught how to do the techniqe properly from the start- you will NEVER develop stregth. most tai chi classes don’t train with resistance so you never really learn the techniqes. While in tai chi you don’t use force against force (you use force where the opponent is weak or not using force), your opponent needs to be using that force in order for you to learn properly.

  2. I don’t believe you can learn how to do any martial art over the internet , or from books. The problem with these references is that they give no feedback , either positive or negative. I have instruction on my webpage , but with the “warning” that it does not replace in class time. Any instruction on my web page is designed to supplement in class training , as I would suspect any Tai Chi book is intended to do as well.

  3. As a student of Zhao Bo Tai Chi, I would highly recommend spending the money on a instrcutor. There are too many factors that you would not know to allow maximum benefit from Tai Chi

  4. i am a yang style taijiquan practicioner, and personally i’d suggest finding a reputable instructor.. not to take away from videos, they are great for your resource and reference materials, but the downside to a video is that if you are doing something incorrectly you have no one there to correct your movement, and in taiji it is fairly easy to learn it incorrectly and it takes twice as long to unlearn your mistakes..
    i’m not so sure you’ll find a really good instructional website, personally i’ve never seen one.. but there are some great sites to refer to and learn more about the art..
    this is my sigungs association’s website: http://www.guangpingyang.org/index.htm
    there’s a great list of articles, histories, and instructors directories available at this site.. anyone association or certified by this association can be deemed a reputable instructor..
    if you are still insistant on learning from video there is a great selection of products available from the association (including online training): https://ssl.perfora.net/www.chinahandproducts.com/sess/utn;jsessionid=1545a4013b53dc8/shopdata/index.shopscript
    i believe you’ve made a great choice, taijiquan is a wonderful art! i hope this helps you!
    ~*good luck*~


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