Home Discussion Forum whats a good set of tarot cards for a beginner?

whats a good set of tarot cards for a beginner?

id like a true tarot card set with the book… any recs? ive seen so many with designs etc… i like the fantasy looking ones(elves, faries, etc) i just dont know what is a good one to start with.
someone said a true set has a certain amount of cards?
is anyone could post a link to some sets it would be very helpful, thank you.


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  2. i think the crowley tarot is by far the most visually interesting and faithful to the spirit of tarot than any other. it was painted by a woman, frieda harris, when she was past 60 years old, under the direct instruction of a man who had devoted his life to understanding the mythic dimension of reality.
    as well as an advanced book by crowley himself, there are many books by other practitioners for the beginner, which will provide you with as much material as you are willing to deal with.
    don’t worry about what christians say. they are BDSM spirits in disguise.

  3. you must get a feel for the cards we can name off many good ones such as the Aquarius Deck and you can get a good book on reading at barnes and nobles or amazon.com but when you hold the cards you will know it is right for you. here is a link of my favorite store they have tarot cards too http://rockymudd.com/shop/vmchk/Tarot-Cards. good luck in what you do in love and light blessed be

  4. This is the way to have the cards that are right for you.
    Go to a bookshop, look at all the different Tarot decks there are available,
    look at them
    which ones strike out at you more than the others – they are the ones.
    my advice is not to go through the internet, as touching, will give you the feeling of the energy. Let the cards come to you. and look forward to seeing whichever design it is.

  5. There are many designs available with different cultural bents, but I think if you are learning you should start with a basic set like the Marseilles deck or the Swiss tarot deck.
    What you should bear in mind is if you choose one of the more complex designs is you are also looking at someone else’s interpretation of the cards. So try and get one with plain pip cards for the minor deck.
    It is important that you learn to read the Tarot with an open mind and remember that it is a language of symbols that speak to your subconscious, so keep it simple to start with.
    Start by studying the Major Deck and making note of what each one means to you. Do this also with the symbols for the suits. It doesn’t matter what someone else’s vision of the pictures is, think of it like viewing a painting or picture. Let the picture tell the story.


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