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What's a good codename for a girl who has the power of mind control?

My friend and I are writing a story and I need a codename for my character. She has blond hair and blue eyes and her power is mind control. I need a codename for her so if you could come up with something for me that would be awesome! Oh and please can these names be serious? Thanks! You guys are the best! Or if you can come up with a codename and a different power that would be totally cool too! Its for a Static Shock fan fiction…


  1. Mai Will. Play upon “my will”. Her will is enforced when she controls a mind. Another character and codename, hmm. How about The Reaper. He or she carries a scythe, one strike brings assured death in 7 days. Static gets cut, so he and Richie a.k.a. Gear have a week to prevent his death and figure out who The Reaper is and what he or she wants. Too dark? Well, throw in a character named “Major Problem”. This character can inflict bad luck and negativity around whom ever she wishes to.


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