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What's a good book to read about meditation?

Something for noobs. I know nothing about meditation, how it’s done, it’s purpose, the different methods, etc.
I’m not even sure I wanna get into this. But what’s a good book to give me an idea to what meditation is all about?


  1. I’m not sure of any titles offhand, but there really isn’t much to it.
    Sit, close the eyes, and shut out the outside world completely. Force yourself to remain in a state of thoughtlessness, simply in a state of existence, without sensory data, without thoughts or scenerios.
    Focusing on the rhythm of your breathing or on a single point on the back of your eye lids helps.
    You’re mind will try to continually distract you with new thoughts and such, do not entertain them, let them pass through you like water. Observe the chaos in your own mind, see how it tries to constantly fool you, how it constantly tries to beckon you to connect with the world. But yet without the world, without thoughts, motions, gestures, scents, sounds and feelings… you are here. now.
    Good luck. It takes a lot of discipline at first. Keep at it.


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