whats a catchy name for a zodiac (astrology) party?

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I don’t care if you believe in astrology, I’m just looking for a catchy name for an event. The most unique will get my vote for best answer… and a cyber high-five!!

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How about the “The Celestial 12”


reach for the stars

Daniel S

the 12 signs


Party Beyond the Stars

Got Jesus?

how about:
party with the stars
(worship them while your at it..its like hollywood!)
demonic gathering….
dinner for the decieved…
(apologies in advance, i couldnt help myself! i used to be into all that rubbish too… found out what a load of hogwash it was, and was free’d.)


The Zodiac Partyology and your the partyologist. Party on!
Thats why they call me crunkman!


Celestial Swingers……..


queen of the zodiac stars
party of the century
may the stars praise mars
party hardy with the stars of mars


Superimposed Constellations
Circle of Little Animals
Circle of Twelve Animals
Fortunes of the Night Sky
Misfortunes of the Night Sky
Ecliptic Zones
Celestial Longitude
Naked Eye Planets
Wandering Stars
The Movement of the Planets
The Sun through the Zodiac
Zodiac Latitudes
Fixed Stars
My Tropical Year
Earth’s Motion
Lunar Mansions
And, I shall stop here for that’s all the help you’re going to get out of me, my dear. If I think of anymore “catchy names for a Zodiac party” I’ll whisper it in your ear but for now I must, I am, going to stop here.
paaatches —Wait, I have one more: Earth, Sun and Fun. Now, I am done.

Roxane B

“the age of aquarius”. well it is actually. celebrate that

Marvin R

look to the Stars Party


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