Home Discussion Forum What You like personal reincarnation whenYou was a child?

What You like personal reincarnation whenYou was a child?


  1. I do not remember anything about my childhood myself. My late mother used to tell me that upto the age of three and a half, I had several traits of behaving like an Yogi or say a saint in India, belonging to Hindu religion. I used to keep fast on specific days as was followed by strict followers of the religion. I used to bless every one who came across me, by raising my right hand. I used to yell for going to religious places and temples and it used to be difficult to bring me back to home. I never quarreled with any one.While other children of my age enjoyed playing all around, I used to sit in a corner, with my eyes closed for hours, like I was meditating. It was for these traits that I was given the name ‘Yogeshwar’ which means the lord of saints and sages in Sanskrit language.
    Now at the age of 74, I do not retain any of the traits of my early childhood, excepting that I worship ‘truthfulness’.


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