Home Discussion Forum what you have smelled with Clairalience, and what was its meaning?

what you have smelled with Clairalience, and what was its meaning?

Clairalience. for those that do not know, or have ever heard of it.
Clairalience (or Clairodor or Clairscent) – This ability with more than one name is the ability to physically smell scents without physically smelling them. This is especially useful with contacting familiar people who are deceased to know they are with you emotionally or in other ways (a person with this ability might ‘smell’ his dead grandmother’s favorite perfume, and that might indicate that she is nearby.


  1. Clairalience or “Clear Smelling” is the alleged phenomenon where sensitive people can smell the odour of the person who is not on the earth plane. They can sometimes smell their pipe tobacco, cigarette tobacco, food smells, different spices as though they are coming from a kitchen. Some Mediums profess to smell the places where the deceased person worked like a chemical factory, the docks, the places to be reminded of for the recipient of a message off the platform in the church or meeting place or in a development Circle.
    I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT THIS WORD MEANT..SO I GOOGLED IT FOR OTHERS WHO MIGHT NOT KNOW.I’m not sure this has ever happened to me. If it did..I wouldn’t have connected it Ex.. My daddy smoked cigars…maybe I sensed that smell before, but wouldn’t have thought about his presence being there. We weren’t taught that this could happen…except with the saints. ..like ST. Theresa the Little Flower was said to send roses or the smell of roses.

  2. By Clairalience I assume you mean psychic smells and odors? I have smelled oranges and flowers after my cousin had passed. Her sister who was heavily grieving was drinking an orange drink on another state , every time she drank that drink I would called her to tell her I smelled the oranges. Mary had wanted her sister know that she could still see her. The flowers were when Judy was mopping her floor with a new floral scented floor cleaner. Judy was amazed at the accuracy of the timing of these scents.

  3. on the day of my friends funeral, while i was still home getting ready to go..i started to smell him strongly…it came out of no where and lasted for about a good 5 minutes then just went away…there have been other times while inside the smell of flowers would just take over for a few minutes and then go away…

  4. I can smell ghosts. There is sometimes a smell like after a lightning strike (ozone) and burnt rubber that I have smelled in haunted houses. Also sometimes I will smell tobacco or perfume where there is none. Clairalience means clear smelling.

  5. Olfactory hallucinations are probably the most common type of hallucination. As far as can be determined, there is no such thing as supernatural sensing of smells.

  6. I have clairgustation (gustation: sense of taste). When I’m around mystical pseudoscience, I get a bad taste in my mouth.
    What was the meaning of your clairalience? Nothing. Just a hallucination.

  7. You might not believe me, but I’ve smelled a very strong scent of roses in the house one morning and heard the name “Mary” (the virgin mother’s flower is roses, she’s very known for appearing along with the scent of roses). Was it really her? I don’t really know, but I choose to believe that it was, b/c I’ve also felt Jesus’ presence in the house (this one you just have to feel in order to believe).
    Oh, I’ve also smelled my father–he came to me along with the smell of hotdogs (his favorite food in the whole world). My grandpa comes with the smell of freshly brewed coffee (HUGE coffee drinker, my grandpa).

  8. I have the gift of clairalience and can tell you it is indeed real even though there are skeptical people who say otherwise.
    Many meanings can be attributed to various smells given by Spirit – but most importantly it shows that they are indeed with their Loved ones on the earth plane watching over them.

  9. Through meditation i have found:
    The root chakra smells like burnt rubber.
    The heart chakra smells of honeysuckle and jasmine.
    The 6th chakra smells of very strong cologne.
    The 7 chakra smells of intense perfume.
    Todate, I have not bothered with the other chakras as the heart, the 6th and 7th are the most important to me.

  10. Just in the past 2 weeks out of no where I have been smelling fresh unburnt sweet pipe tobacco. Our home is only 6 years old and no one has ever smoked a pipe in our home. It mostly occures in late afternoon/early evening and mostly in the great room but I have also smelled it in the dinning room/kitchen area. One second I can kind of smell it and for 2 or 3 seconds it’s very strong and then it fades away the next second?

  11. I had a very vivid dream last night regarding newborn babies….I smelt the odour of nappies, I remember this quite vividly and remember whilst I was dreaming having the feeling that someone was letting me know that I have the ability to smell during my dreams…almost like it was a lesson. This is the first time this has ever happened to me. I am a very spiritual person and often read angel cards before sleeping, the message I had before sleeping was from archangel Michael and it said he communicates best with us whilst we are sleeping. I wander if this was him teaching me…..any thoughts anyone has would be greatly appreciated.

  12. Hi I to may be starting to think that I may be clairaudient. I have been seeing,hearing,sensing spirits since I was six yrs old. Only lately I have been picking up on strange smells like strong perfume( from a female spirit in my house), burning wood smell( can’t explain) and even a male cat smell( when they mark their territory) because I have a ghost cat at home. I know 100% that I have a few spirits in my home because i’ve seen them and so have my children , although they actually talk to them. And in public in places where I know has had a history of death I pick up on weird smells kind of like burning wood/oil/dirty smell. Does anyone know what a burning wood smell might mean? . I have looked for outside sources for these smells in my home and I never find a source. All smells are isolated to 2-3 areas of the house (the ones with most activity) and dissappear in a few minutes.

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  14. I have been psychic smelling for about 10 years…didn’t understand it at first…It began where I would smell hay or barn…cows…Usually in my kitchen and sometimes by the front door..When I would smell this I could also feel some one was with me. (spirit)…It would usually happen when I was sad or depressed…After a new years eve party, a neighbor came by the next day…I didn’t know it but she could see spirits…and she was asking if my dad was a farmer…she said she saw a farmer in overalls, older man…just moving from room to room away from all the noise…My father was not a farmer…so I don’t know who it is…however it confirmed what I was smelling…other stuff has happened…however, just last night I had an experience that I can’t understand the smell…My daughter Best Friends’s dad past away about 2 weeks ago..they are teenagers…the BF stays at my house very often…she thinks of me as a second mother I guess…Anyway, when they came home we chatted in kitchen for about an hour..she was telling me about the day before her dad past away…they had fight…and I was telling her that he loved her to to forget the fight…anyway…they went to my daughters room and were hanging out listening to music and stuff…I got ready for bed but wanted them to turn down the music…when I opened the door there was the overpowering smell of grapefruits…I asked them what the smell was and they got all weirded out…they said they smelled it too and thought I sprayed something in the hallway…I obviously didn’t do anything…It was very strong…lasted about 3-4 minutes and faded away…I felt someone there but couldn’t explain the grapefruit smell…My daughter felt the same and her friend was freaked out and didn’t want to talk about it…so…I don’t push…I just know I smelled something and feel it was her dad…but what do the smell of grapefruits mean…I didn’t know if certain smells represent something as do when you see grapefruits in your dreams.

  15. I experience it almost regularly. The first time I was in second or third grade and we were riding on the bus home. As we pulled out of the parking lot, I kept complaining about a strong “hospital” smell or something like medical supplies. We passed a car accident on the way home and I didn’t think much of it – until I sat for three hours on my doorstep waiting for my parents to get home. A truck pulled up with my step dad’s mangled motorcycle in the back and my step sister said my parents were in a motorcycle accident. I also get the hospital smell sometimes days or hours before I find out that someone is sick, is in or going to the hospital. Another one that gets me recently is the smell of a man’s cologne shortly after an image of a man that I don’t know and have never met or seen pops into my head. The image is of him standing in front of the Louvre wearing a dark olive green blazer or jacket holding our daughter in his arms (I have the strong sense of being the photographer because they’re posing for a camera it seems) – I have no children but I can see this man and smell him clearly.

  16. I have had personal experiences with demonic and spiritual events in my life. I am an avid Christian and have had to pray for protection more than once in my life. I have seen spirits at work physically, tangablly. I keep all the distance I can from anything unholy in the spirit word, which I know is real.
    I began doing demo work on an abandoned house I bought. Last week I noticed the smell that I thought was dog poop and stated to my son we stepped in something. Turns out we didn’t. That scent has remainded with me for a week, day and night. I realized I may be dealing with something spiritual. What would dung smell represent?, if any? I can’t make any other sense of it. Next time I go over there to work, I will certainly pray for cleansing in the house.
    Any ideas people?

  17. I just meditated for about an hour and durrning the end of it. I took a bunch of bug deep breaths. I smelt church insence. I was not burning anything just in my room by myself. Does smelling church insence mean anything?

  18. I have always smelt and tasted weird scents/tastes in my mouth growing up, but since stopping my pain medication I had been on for 7 years, I have been seeing energy flow, being able to manipulate it with my hand, seeing beings/faces/creatures embossed on the walls, in wallpaper cracks, wood etc..
    I smell things I haven’t for years, intensely like they are in my nose, overbearing, this morning it smelt like amphetamine sulfate which led me onto this page.
    I also have prophetic dreams and see vivid images of people with my eyes closed who I’ve never met.
    I may go and see a psychic to gain more clarification, I had stopped meditating for 2 years but now am going to get back into it

  19. Also, Jillian & others
    I get other scents…the scent of a cologne, a specific kind related to a specific person of my past, the scent of vanilla/honey, gotten sulphur (surely noticed that one, and didn’t want to continue smelling it), cedar, roses, oranges, honeysuckles, gardenias, poop, stinches, rotten eggs, etc. This is just a neat way of relating to what is happening around me and in what relation it relates to a specific person.

  20. i am glad i am not the only one that smells things, but it would be nice to know exatly what they mean?? like the smell of metholated spirits. would love to hear anyones thoughts thanks

  21. Hi I have smelled strange things like every one else. I don’t smell things regurly but once in a while I do. I have at one time smelled the scent of ciggars while I was watching tv with my mom abd my mom and me don’t smoke so it was really odd. The scent only stay around for a a 1min or 2. Then there was this other time I smelled smoke while talking to a friend on the phone and I was by my self alone. The kind of smoke from after a fire. I looked around me house to see if I saw any signs of smoke. I checked the stove, anything plugged in and I checked out side but notting. The have smelled the scent of something rotten as well to at home and at first I thought maybe it was rotten meat or something or maybe me. So I took a shower and I still was able to smell it. I just tried to forget about the smell but then I started smelling that smell at school and I looked around to see anyone else could smell it but everyone was working and doing there own thing. That rotten smell lasted about a whole week. Till now the rotten smell keeps coming back. Is there anyone here that would know what the rotten smell is. I would really like to know.

  22. After a trip to a paranormal convention that was held in the buffalo terminal in buffalo ny, which is haunted, I have been having strange experiences. At first it was just a feeling that I wasn’t alone and then small things began moving in my house when no one else was around. The biggest thing was our fan. It’s situated on a table and pretty large..and when I was gone I got a text from my mom telling me the fan had moved from the table to the floor half way across the livingroom. I don’t feel at all uneasy with whatever is going on but as of late I have been smelling a burning smell at random times at night. My mom says she can’t smell them and I always panic a little when I smell it because I have this phobia of being trapped in a house that’s on fire ( silly, I know.) But now I am starting to think that it’s not anything actually burning considering it’s only for short periods of time and there’s never smoke or anything like that. I think a spirit might have followed me home from the convention. Does that make sense? Should I be worried?
    Also, from time to time I smell roses/perfume..and I know it’s my grandmother. I’ve smelled fried dough at my grandmother’s grave..she used to make it for me all the time when I was little. Could this be clairalience?

  23. I used to work in a mental institution. there was a peculiar odor I would smell when I was around certain patients with menttal problems. Now many years later, I can psychically smell that smell when ever I meet someone who has mental problems that is not institutionalized, maybe on meds or something. they are usually paranoid schizophrenics. Just wondering if I am smelling the astral plane low frequency spirits that antagonize these people or what. I have yet to find anyone to advise me on this, but I trust it…it has proved itself…Ana

  24. My partner and I moved to the cottage 3 years ago. Right away we both started smellng perfume, but only in one certain area for a second or two. We don’t own perfumes because we are both allergic. Then about a year ago, we started getting other smells, cigarettes, cologne. She has seen a woman in a 19th century dress before. I have seen a worker in dirty shirt and jeans. Now we are hearing things. The sound of boots on the floor, I am hearing voices. When I hear them, one of our dogs also does as well and will look. We have 16 dogs, so you would think all would hear it, but no, only one. The cottage is completely concrete, floors and walls. No basement or furnace, only a small hot water heater in the roof. The only thing I can conclude is that someone is trying to comunicate or, me, my partner and the dog are all suffering from brain tumors. Any information is much appreciated.

  25. I was searching this to understand why i’ve been getting this strange Vanilla and Funeral Flower Scent.
    As I came across this, I read that it’s a type of pyschic ability. I’m wondering if it’s true or not though.

  26. george
    I have been smelling burnt wood for a few years now usualy two to three times a year lasting for long periods of time a few good weeks. Some how i was relating it to my sinuses, now i see its not so! Although i have felt like i always had some kind of physic ability still not able to put my finger on anthing concrete yet P.S. Ismell it all the time every where i go

  27. people have diffrent smells to me. some are stronger then others. I can actualy tell what kind of person someone is by phisical contact and there smell. also for some reson I take on others emotions after phisical contact. I even have prophic dreams and can understand others imensly after reading there birth chart. can someone explain to me whats going on? im almost 16 and my abilities have been getting stronger for the past few years. I would really like to know what tese powers are and what they mean.

  28. I have had the experience of a beautiful fragrance, woke me up, I looked around no one there. It does not happen all the time, but it really smells nice.

  29. my husband and i woke up one night to the smell of skunky gas in the far corner of our bedroom. we do have a gas stove and when we got up there was no smell from the kitchen, just our bedroom. can anyone tell me what that was all about please and thank you.

  30. I Have two psychic abylities, the others if they are there are not very pronounced. I am Clairvoyant, as in I have dreams that I remember clear as day and see things that will occur and sometimes their important and sometimes its just a random conversation or event. My other one is sense of smell, I can tell what kind of person you are from smelling you on a instinctual level. My clairvoyance only occurs when im sleeping and my smell only works when im awake.

  31. Over the past three months or so, I have been experiencing smells that are not there. I am in the process of some serious spiritual experiences and openness to growth and change. About three months ago, I began to smell nag champa incense burning constantly, like it was directly under my nose, and I could taste it too This lasted for several weeks but I either got use to it or it faded away. Every once in a while, I will catch it here and there for various amount of time but not constant. Last month at the full moon, I performed a release ritual outside of my house where released the things that no longer served me by writing them on bay leaves and then burning them, outside. About an hour later, I was overwhelmed with the smell of either scent burning herbs. I thought maybe I had bay leaf smoke in my hair or in my clothes but even after showering and sleeping through the night, the scent was strong, overwhelmingly and I could taste it as well throughout the entire next day. It began to make me nauseous. I was able to smell other things individually, not mixing with the burning scent but when just breathing normally my nose and mouth were filled with the, now becoming, pungent almost like fumes. I was grateful when I awoke the following morning that the smell was gone. About two weeks later, I attended a Sacred Healing Circle were we did guided meditation and ancestral lineage healing. Several hours later, at home and 100 miles away from the location of the circle, I was eating my dinner alone and at home and I began to catch the scent of the burning herbs again. It made me panic and I started to tell “It” that I couldn’t have that happen again, that I didn’t know what it meant, and that I would try to find help to figure out what it all meant but that I couldn’t go through another few days overwhelmed with it. I ran upstairs and into my bedroom where I had the distinct feeling that “It”, the smell, had followed me. I could not smell it when I got to my room but was shortly completely overwhelmed with it, smell and taste, again. This lasted throughout the night. By the morning, it was hardly noticeable and faded from the time I woke up to being gone by the time I got to work. Last night, a package arrived from my best friend containing two beautiful sage smudge sticks she had made. I used one of them to perform a clearing ritual in my home. The smell was wonderful and lingered in the house through the night but as the night went on, I wasn’t sure but I thought I might be experiencing the burning herb scent again but I wasn’t sure that it just wasn’t from the sage smudging, well this morning, I woke up with “It” again. I am 6 hours into my day and 5 of those in my office at work. I am completely overwhelmed with the smell and taste, as if it is burning directly below my nose. I am so at a loss. I have been told to pay attention to the details and the only common tread it that it occurs after ritual. I am new to these spiritual practices. I have been performed other rituals but it is only these three i describe that I have experience “It”. I would love some guidance.


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