What yoga stretches will help with Knee and back pain?

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I’ve been having a lot of problems with pain in back (especially across my neck and shoulders) and in my legs (knees especially). I think some of these aches are work related (I’m on my feet all day at work) but I also think they are due in part to depression. I’m already on an antidepressant and heard that yoga is great to help one relax. What are some good yoga poses that will help with this? I’m tired of being sore all the time.

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Go to yoga journal.com to learn and read about how to do the poses and possible sequencing for your problems specific to your pain.
Gary kraftshaw is an amazing therapeutic Yoga teacher. His method is vinneyyoga.
I would suggest starting gentle and think about creating equal length in the spine. Front back and sides. When we compress one area this is when we have pain,
Cat cow sequence
Down Dog
childs pose
thread the needle
gentle or supported bridge
supported forward bend
legs up the wall (5-10 minutes)
breathing known as pranayama with focus on the breath “meditation” on the inhale and exhale
3 part yogic breath for 2-3 minutes
alternate nostril breath for 2-4 minutes
kapalabhati aka skull shinning for 2-4 minutes
Good luck


do alot of streching. strech all of your body. youtube streches, get a video from the library, ask other people about it too. quit being depressed. THE aint depression medication CAN BE CAUSEING THE PAIN!!! quit takeing the medication because the medication cant control your free will. you are depressed beacuse you deside that. a pill cant control your thoughts or disicions. talk to strangers, go to groups, meetings, classes, stuff like that to meet people. you can meet people anywhere, just ask them what they like to do, and maybe you and them can go out together and talk to eachother and become friends.
lay on your back, slowly arch your lower back a little, then slowly round your lower back a lil. lay on your belly, legs and arms stright, then arch your back. stand up stright legs, bend backwards as far as you can with out falling. do a bridge. stand stright legs, reach forward and touch the ground. stand up stright, bend one legs back bending knee and touch your toes to the back of your head. do the splits. lay on your back and keep your legs stright, with out the help of your hands, put your legs to touch your ears. do streches slowly and gradually. knees should only bend forward and backward. dont twist your knees side to side. ancles slowly roate around in circles alone, but during stand or exersizes, only bend ancle forward and backward. dont turn ancle side to side. keep your posture good also.
warm up 5+min, strech 5+min, high intensity workout (cardio and/or strength training) for 1+hour, strech 1+hour. cardio= running, or any exersize that causes you to become out of breath. strength training= exersize that causes muscle pain. reps= the # of each time you go up and down from a exersize. high insentisy and less reps is best compared to medium intenstiy and more reps.
set= an exersize done until failure. exersize= one particular exersize. failure= phsycially can not do another rep. always do an exersize until failure. muscle soreness= muscle pain that happens the day after your workout, can last up to a week. if your muscles arnt sore the next day after your workout then make your workout harder. recovery= the time during your muscle soreness that you dont do more then light exersize, so your muscles can recover and grow.
its good to have muscle soreness, during the time you have muscle soreness, dont do more then light exersizes. once your muscle soreness has gone away, then do your high intensity workout. particular muscles may be sore and other may not be, you can workout the muscles that arnt sore, but wait to do more then light exersizes to the sore muscles until the soreness has gone.
eat healthy varieites of fruits veggies grains(not white grains) meats dairy beans nuts soy. 6+meals a day. eat protein 50+grams daily. drink 2+cups water per hour. sleep8+hours.


I also have issues with my back pain . I posted my question on wish123 and got an answer from an expert who solved my problem. Highly recommend the website.


One tool that can really help eliminate back pain during exercise is Ben Greenfield’s program over at http://www.runwithnopain.com. Please go check it out!

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