What yoga postures can/cannot be done by people who have undergone kidney transplant?

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My mom really likes yoga after reading so much about it from books she bought, and she would really like to try it some time. However, the problem is that she had undergone kidney transplant, which sort of complicates things. Therefore would yoga be appropriate for people that have undergone kidney transplant, and if it is, what postures are to be avoided, or can be done?
she has consulted her doctor and her doctor asked her to go ahead..

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Ask your Doctor about it please.


Your mother knows that with a kidney transplant she should do nothing until she asks the doctor first.


I am happy that your mother wants to try Yoga.
Yoga basically involves stretching exercises. There are no sudden jerky movements involved (like in Step or other cardiovascular exercises) and in addition Yoga is a stress reliever.
I am not surprised that her doctor asked her to go ahead. My nephrologist encouraged me to exercise throughout my renal failure and transplant. In fact, it is my strong belief that exercise was a major contributor to my steady recovery and fitness.
There are a couple of tricks to doing it right.
No pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion.
I have tried all Yoga postures. I do what I can. I push myself just a tad bit while trying new or difficult postures. But I pull back/ take a break into “Child’s pose” (resting pose) the moment there is any discomfort/ exhaustion. The movements should be smooth and gentle.
In Yoga, you must “listen to your body”. Every day, the body balances are different. There might have been a change in drugs. Or last night’s meal might not be sitting too well. 🙂
The key is to do what ‘feels’ right. She will slowly gain expertise over the postures over a period of time.
Personally, I realized that my abs are in poor condition (with the long transverse incision). So, I go easy during the abs workout. Going slow and steady works.
Good Luck to your mother!


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