What yoga dvd do you recommend for a beginner?

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i’m in a step aerobics currently and we did some yoga the other day. i loved it and want to try it in my own home, what dvd do you recommend?

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Denise Austin has a good one


I mainly do Pilates, but have done Yoga. Look for the brand “Giam”, as I have found I really like the way they present the exercise. I know they have both Pilates and Yoga, but the only Yoga DVD I’ve purchased was Giam’s Yoga with Rodney Yee. I really like it, and you could even try some of the Easy Pilates or Pilates for Beginners that they have, as Pilates and Yoga are very much alike.

rama r

hello and hai…my dear friend….
i hope you wil be fine ok…..
you are beginner for yoga practice then you should take the following Yoga Practice DVD because i purchased this on last month…i fill ok….that product name is “Yoga for Elderly” and there are lot of yoga dvd collections there….so you may buy what ever your wish….
so pl. don’t forget to do write your feelings to my mail id….ramachandran24@yahoo.com this is my personal mail id friend…
Bye by
Take care…


Try Yoga Journal’s Yoga for Beginners 2 with Patricia Walden. It offers a clear step-by-step instructions and a booklet explaining each pose. Since Particia Walden is Iyengar-trained, she uses props such as chairs, belts and cushions for inflexible people to come into the pose with more ease.


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