• Try Yoga Journal’s Yoga for Beginners 2 with Patricia Walden. It offers a clear step-by-step instructions and a booklet explaining each pose. Since Particia Walden is Iyengar-trained, she uses props such as chairs, belts and cushions for inflexible people to come into the pose with more ease.

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  • I mainly do Pilates, but have done Yoga. Look for the brand “Giam”, as I have found I really like the way they present the exercise. I know they have both Pilates and Yoga, but the only Yoga DVD I’ve purchased was Giam’s Yoga with Rodney Yee. I really like it, and you could even try some of the Easy Pilates or Pilates for Beginners that they have, as Pilates and Yoga are very much alike.

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