What year did the renaissance and the enlightenment start and end?





I have a history paper due tomorrow and I was hoping you might know. Thanks(:


  1. The renaissance and Enlightenment were intellectual and cultural movements, not historical periods, so there is no universally agreed date on their beginning and end.
    For example, art historians date the start of the renaissance from 1291 (first known works by the artist Giotto). Military historians place the beginning much later, 1453 (first use of effective gunpowder artillery on a wide scale).
    As for an end date, many put this at 1637 (publication of ‘Discourse on the Method’ by Descartes), some at 1641 (publication of ‘Meditations on First Philosophy’ by Descartes) still others 1648 (end of the Thirty Years War).
    It’s the same with the Enlightenment.Earliest start dates include the Glorious Revolution (1688), 1700 (beginning of 18th century),and end dates include 1789 (French Revolution),1799 (Napoleon’s seizure of power in France), 1800 (end of the 18th century), 1815 (end of the Napoleonic Wars).
    So, you can justify any of the start and end dates above in your paper using the information given above; there are no generally agreed dates for the start and end of the renaissance or Enlightenment.

  2. Renaissance: The 16th century is commonly designated as the Age of renaissance also called the revival of learning.It is said to have started from the capture of Constantinople by the Turks in 1453 and the dispersal of the scholars throughout Europe,who sought asylum on Italy.(1)
    It is never get an end,as I guess.

  3. Most historians can argue the dates at which the renaissance and reformation actually began. Most people believe began in the 14th century when Giotto created works that defined human values. Some might argue that it was in the 16th century where Martin Luther revealed the Ninety Five Theses, which helped people realize that there are more to life than just religion and people began to advance even more.
    As the first comment says, I agree with the ends of the war.

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