Home Discussion Forum What would you think of a Poltergeist remake?

What would you think of a Poltergeist remake?

According to this article they are planning a “Poltergeist” remake.
Poltergeist is definitely a film that does not need to be remade. It won’t be as good. If “Poltergeist” gets remade, I won’t see it. I might even boycott it. What are your opinions on a “Poltergeist” remake?


  1. I think they could do some really awesome things with better special effects. Some new life ..or unlife as it were, could be breathed into it. The peel the face off part freaked me out, that was one of the freakiest parts in any movie that I have ever seen ever, but, I’d see it.

  2. I’d be OK with it. I watched Poltergeist again about a year ago and was floored at how cheesy some of it was.

  3. Even though I’m not a big remake fan, ever since I watched the scene where the dude was pointlessly tearing his entire face off (which looked SOOOO cheesy), I thought it wouldn’t hurt to do the film again.

  4. While I would probably watch it, rented, I doubt it would be as good as the original. I remember that movie fondly as one that scared the crap out of me as a kid. A lot of the horror movies these days go over board with the special effects, making them unbelievable. There is something so much more scary about the threat you cant see.

  5. I’m not too keen on remakes. There are very few remakes I actually like. It depends on when I see the movie though. Like someone said above, the special effects would be alot better.But I don’t think they could ever remake the scene where the dad drinks the worm from the drink and the monster comes out of his throat. I’ve only seen the first one twice in my whole life. first time when I was 4, and that scene has stuck in my mind ever since then. I saw it agiain a couple of years ago, actually. But I couldn’t really say anythign about it until i see it.

  6. Absolutely not! There will always only be one Carol Anne and that was Heather O’Rourke. But, again Hollywood feels the need to remake yet another horror movie!

  7. UM i dont really see thins doing very well. Not alot of people these days cant enjoy a good classic, so they just remake it! Im very worried about the horror genre of the future!


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