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What would you suggest including in a magick ritual to improve willpower or self-discipline?


  1. Wear a chastity belt.
    It gets the same results as religion, in terms of freedom.
    Also, magick gets the same results as religion in terms of effectiveness.

  2. If you can find a verifiable magic trick or ritual that actually does what it claims, then you need to contact the James Randi Educational Foundation. They will reward you with $1,000,000 to help you improve your willpower.

  3. I would suggest throwing all religious, or pseudo-religious objects in your garbage can, and try to be more analytical. If you want to have more willpower or self discipline, then take the time to consider the consequences of your actions.

  4. Seriously: You will improve your willpower and discipline by working on the small stuff first. Nothing can beat having something that is important to you. Really important. Students who do not do well in school, do not do well because school is not important to them and not because the work is too hard. Poor students do not value education. Any child can be dramatically turned around if they can be shown that education is important to them and they believe this to be true.
    One of the things you can do is decide what is important to you. Where, when and why do you want to be more disciplined. There needs to be a good, logical or real reason, for being more disciplined. Without that reason, all the magic rituals in the world will not help you. Anything that you are interested in from marital arts, alien abduction and auto racing to music and zoology if you are genuinely interested in it above all other things. You will find that getting good at anything, anything at all, requires self motivation, discipline, and willpower. If you are not motivated to act this way with the things you profess to like, it may be that they actually are not that important to you and you think other things are more important. A re-evaluation of your priorities may be indicated.

  5. Can’t use magick to change those aspects of yourself. Sorry, it’s one of few things magick can’t do. Only you can do that through self-growth.


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