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What would you say that I am?

I have a rather interesting spiritual life, and I don’t really know how to label it,but I would like to know what you think I am.

I believe in God, as in out there, and in my heart. I also think their are both feminine and male aspects of God. Like the yin yang.
I think nature is also a manifestion of the Supreme.

I like to do magick/spells/rituals, but do not have any real desire to cast a Wiccan circle. I like chanting, and meditation. I do not feel the need for “protection”.
I like the seasons that change, but I do not have an alter, and do not decorate it, or any thing, to ceremonialy mark the wheel of the year/seasons changing.But I really like nature.
Sometimes I pray, other times, I don’t feel the need.
I read about spirituality, like right now I am reading about Kabbalah, via the idiots guide book, and it’s interesting and deep.
I have couple of nice pentagrams and a crystal wand pendant that I like.
What would you say is my path? Pagan, Neo Pagan, some form of Wiccan , or what? I would really like to know what yopu think.
I am not a teen or young adult, I am 40.


  • I’d say you sound like me. I consider myself an eclectic pagan. I am also a practicing (in that I go to services on occasion and try to follow the 7 principles in my life) Unitarian Universalist. The association is very pagan friendly and you can find others that think as you do should you wish some company sometimes. Honestly, with you searching other religions, etc., I would seriously consider looking more into UU. Their website is http://www.uua.org.
    p.s. I am in my 50’s and have been a UU pagan for about 13 years now.

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