Home Discussion Forum what would you rather be a warlock or vampire?

what would you rather be a warlock or vampire?

okay i got into an arguement with a friend so what is better?


  1. A warlock is not any kind of Witch. The Warlock title is given the oath-breakers and has nothing to do with gender. The Christians work hard to keep this issue confused. If the title Vampire was real and I had to chose one or the other, I would chose Vampire.

  2. Warlocks: Oath breakers.
    Vampires: Blood suckers.
    Both are bad but I would rather suck blood than break an oath.
    Hey, wait, I do suck blood!

  3. Neither
    A warlock is a betrayer of witches, an oathbreaker; whereas a vampire is a cold, unfeeling weakling.
    Now a werewolf, that is something to aspire to.

  4. i am the friend and wrlocks obviously because in The city of Bones series Magnus is super powerful and he could kill a hourd of them with a single spell

  5. a warlock is the anglo saxon term for an oath breaker (one whom has betrayed their coven) the term witch applies to man woman and child. Vampyres(the correct spelling) also a term vampare for the humans affected with the conditions of anemia(pale skin) photosynthesis(aversion to light) and psychic abilities.


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